3 SEPT 2020

Healthcare Update:

All St. Luke’s Sites

Hospital Capacity Good

COVID Inpatients 47 today vs. 61 last week (includes rule out)

28 vs. 35 last week are confirmed COVID patients

COVID ICU 7 today vs. 12 last week

Ventilated Patients 25 today vs 28 last week (covid and non-covid)

St. Lukes McCall

90 cases last week and 2 this week.

There have been 1,763 tests ordered, through all testing there have been 94 positive tests return and 1,669 negative tests. To find more information about how to stay safe as well as more data on COVID-19 please follow the link below: https://www.stlukesonline.org/~/media/stlukes/documents/slm%20data%20intro%2009%2004%202020%20final.pdf

City of McCall 

Extension of City Powers for mask mandate: the city is going through the legal process outlined in state law to establish their emergency powers Authority in city code so it can issue any necessary measures in the future related to any public health emergency, not just COVID-19. The goal is to have this complete by the end of October. The city Mask requirement is in effect through September 18th. When that expires, the Central District Health Order will still apply until they determine otherwise. There will be a Public hearing in front of planning and zoning commission on OCT 6th to discuss mandates and ordinances for masks and to issue other health orders. The city of McCall will continue to educate through all its channels on expectations to follow mask requirements, whether this is due to CDH Orders or City Orders

Central District Health

Fall is coming and the transition to more folks and businesses moving operations indoors will be upon us soon. Flu season is also on its way. There have been 94 cases of COVID in Valley county, with no cases last week and 4 positive cases this week. The mandates that are in place are keeping people safe. It is likely that the last mandate that will be removed during the recovery progress will be the wearing of masks. 

Valley county has been doing a wonderful job in keeping with mandates and slowing the spread of COVID. This has helped us to move forward with opening our schools and businesses as well as protecting our citizens and communities.

Schools Update:


Tuesday September the 8th school will begin with 50% participation in the classroom and others on-line. Please welcome the new school district nurse, Brenna Riggers! Brenna has spoken to all staff about the virus and the requirements that the schools will be upholding and continues to partner with the school to educate everyone on how to stay safe while learning. 

Government Update:

New Meadows

Meadows Valley Days is still happening on September 5th and 6th! There will be a parade, logging show, car show, axe throwing competition, vendors and more. Due to safety reasons there will be no BBQ but there will be some food vendors present. For more information see this link https://meadowsvalleydays.wordpress.com/


Everyone is doing their part to keep the community safe. Masks are being worn, people are social distancing and doing their best to continue to operate safely.

Business Update:

Local Restaurant Round Table will meet virtually on September 15th to discuss what it will look like to move forward into the fall and winter months alongside COVID. This is an opportunity to support one another and keep strengthening our community through conversation and resource sharing. To find out how you can participate please follow this link https://wcmedc.org/virtual-industry-round-table-restaurants/

A resource is being constructed to give Information to business’ on how to respond to negative interactions (due to COVID) with customers and properly follow up. If you had a positive experience at a local business, you are encouraged to leave a positive review and to entertain other positive reactions. Encouraging business’ to be kind to their patrons and posit alternatives that can be better for the business. Being kind when telling customers that the businesses are operating under the mandates that are currently in place. When receiving negative reviews businesses should always try to respond to the reviews and apologizing for the patrons inconvenience. 

Marketing Update:

The Kindness campaign is underway! The marketing team will continue follow up posts to remind people that this exists. If you find that there are no cards in a location that is OK and a small note on a piece of paper works just as well!

Working on a strategy for weekly reporting updates related to COVID-19. These may include test numbers, positive occurrences, monitoring efforts, current mandates and why these are important

Another round of advertising for protecting our mountain playground campaign may come about soon. The phrasing on signs may be changed. One phrasing possibility is “Keep Protecting YOUR Mountain Playground” this is being considered and will be in the works soon. The marketing team will continue to do their part in ensuring that the verbiage for all campaigns is clear and will utilize the proper channels so that people can know exactly what is going on and practice transparency in all sectors


How can the task force support local businesses and entities? 

A support letter for mandates would help along with making people aware of new mandates 

Action Item for Task force: 3 direct letters of support: one to Central District Health, Elt and the city of McCall to encourage the extension of mask wearing ordinance.