We get a lot of questions about broadband internet in the region. There are folks who are well served with regular and reliable up time–usually located within one of the cities in the region, and there are those who are not–usually in the county or in low population density areas. This is the unfortunate nature of rural, low density communities. Below, we highlight some quick facts that you might find interesting, and some resources for you to test your speeds, learn about broadband in Idaho and learn about options in the West Central Mountains. This information is made possible by our friends at the Idaho Dept. of Commerce and the Governor’s Broadband Task Force.


  • Valley County residents with access to 25mbps service: 76%
  • Adams County residents with access to 25mbps service: 37%
  • Number of internet providers in the region: 9

Test your speed at home and share that data with policymakers to help improve broadband across the region

State of Idaho Broadband Force: research state and local conditions


Most rural areas in America have some sort of water or sewer system upgrade needs. We regularly work with state and local officials to ensure resources are available for healthy and clean drinking water, as well as sewer and septic systems across the region. Some expamples of the work we do are AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS LINK.