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The council’s charter was first adopted on July 25, 2012 and last amended on October 23, 2012:

To encourage Valley County communities, businesses and organizations to act more cohesively towards an improved local economy

To solicit or assist projects that substantially strengthen the local economy (through business stimulation; community & infrastructure development; sector development)

To inspire and solicit creative (“outside the box”) solutions for issues at hand

To attract businesses and economic opportunities to the region

To assist in the creation and maintenance of a climate that fosters economic growth and viability


Voting members:

  • A Chamber of Commerce Representative from the Cascade, Donnelly and McCall chamber or business community
  • A city council representative from each of the three incorporated communities: Cascade, New Meadows, Donnelly, McCall
  • 1- County Commissioner, representing unincorporated Valley County
  • 2 -At-Large (non-government) members appointed by the council

Non-voting member:

  • the University of Idaho Extension Educator of Valley county


Council meeting are open to the public and are generally held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 3:00 PM. The location of the meeting rotates from Donnelly, McCall, New Meadows to Cascade and starting again.

Meeting ground-rules

  1. Start on time, end on time
  2. Limit side conversations
  3. Different opinions are welcome
  4. Disagree here and now, not afterwards
  5. Challenge ideas or relevance, not people
  6. Silence = agreement
  7. Follow through on action plans

When a decision is necessary and reasonable effort does not yield a consensus, majority decisions are acceptable as long as the minority opinion(s) can “live with” the majority position.