10 SEPT 2020

Healthcare Update:

All St. Luke’s Sites

There were 29 positive cases of COVID admitted to the hospital this week and 28 last week. This week there are 47 hospitalized patients as opposed to 65 patients last week, with 25 patients ventilated this week and 28 last week; these include COVID and non- COVID related admissions. For more information about the St. Luke’s health system and COVID information please visit: 

St. Luke’s McCall

A total of 1,854 tests COVID Test kits have been ordered to date. There have been 4 positive tests returned in the past week resulting in 94 total positive cases. For more information about the McCall St. Luke’s health system and COVID information please visit: 

Cascade Medical Center

The center has had 1 COVID positive test returned in the last three weeks. The center is now offering testing for citizens who are non-symptomatic for COVID and has also extended this to teachers, school staff or other individuals who may need to be tested. For more information about testing or scheduling and appointment please visit: 

Central District Health 

Currently partnering with schools to facilitate safe movement into the “green” zone so that schools can open and operate safely. It is cautioned that even though schools may be in green zone, all schools should keep functioning in yellow zone and continue mask wearing and social distancing so that the risk of another outbreak is less likely, and schools can maintain operations. 


Schools Update:

McCall – Donnelly School District 

School has begun! The first day was Tuesday the 8th, with some students attending class in person and others attending online. The school is currently in the weighing options related to green status and will be making decisions as needed to continue to operate so that the students, families and teachers remain safe. With the introduction of the hybrid learning model (some classes on-line, some in person) consistency is a major factor for success. 

Government Update:

Valley County

It is anticipated that officials will be contacted by citizens more often as they realize that Valley County is entering the green zone. County and city leaders will continue to make decisions and information available based on the data that is available to them. 


WCMEDC recommended rallying some area trails and recreation groups around helping folks get out and exercise for mental health. Rotary is working on a fundraising platform and workout challenge benefitting MOSS that would work well with this. St. Lukes may be interested in partnering as well. Maybe expand upon the Streak?

In order to help the mental health of our community the Idaho commerce is hosting a suicide prevention training on Sept 22nd. Please see the link in order to register and learn more:

Business Update:

Valley County may see an increase in senior travelers as schools being their new year. Businesses are still up and running but some do not have the employment capacity to operate normally. Many businesses have flexed their hours and days of operation due to lack of employees.

Businesses are urged to keep practicing safe policies and direct consumers/ patrons to continue practicing the 3 W’s (WEAR a mask, WASH your hands, WATCH your distance) even as the winter season comes upon us. As we move into the green phase its is urged that businesses and patrons continue to operate in the yellow phase in order to keep our economy open and going strong while avoiding another case of outbreak.

Local restaurants are invited to join the Virtual Restaurant Round Table on September 15th. In this space local eateries can discuss what it will look like to move forward into the fall and winter months alongside COVID. This is an opportunity to support one another and keep strengthening our community through conversation and resource sharing. To find out how you can participate please follow this link: 

The city of McCall is investigating the utilization of tents in the people rite of way zones for businesses to increase their capacity during the season changes. There will be a meeting on Sept 24 to ask city council for businesses to expand their footprint in the peoples right of way using rented tents.

The Early Learning Advocacy Committee (ELAC) has partnered with Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (IDAEYC) to perform an early learning needs assessment.  This began with a survey period and it has been documented (those who participated in the survey) that families with young children (birth-5 y/o) had witnessed severe economic hardship due to COVID-19 and the lack of childcare. It has been documented that roughly 50% of children within the early learning group have not been adequately served in our region. A Strategic Plan for the region is now being formed in order to address these needs and allow affordable childcare for this age group accessible in our region.