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Scenic Byway Committee Agenda 09/24/2020

Agenda: 09/24/2020 Payette River National Scenic Byways Committee Location: Cascade--County Commissioner’s Room Time: 1-3pm MST Chair: Cynda Herrick Members: Linnea Hall, Dan Richter, Delta James, Lori Clemens, Shauna Arnold, Mac Qualls Guests (TBD): Cecilia Awusie,...

COVID Task Force Meeting Notes 09/10/2020

COVID TASK FORCE MEETING NOTES 10 SEPT 2020 Healthcare Update: All St. Luke’s Sites There were 29 positive cases of COVID admitted to the hospital this week and 28 last week. This week there are 47 hospitalized patients as opposed to 65 patients last week, with 25...


The council’s charter was first adopted on July 25, 2012 and last amended on October 23, 2012:

To encourage Valley County communities, businesses and organizations to act more cohesively towards an improved local economy

To solicit or assist projects that substantially strengthen the local economy (through business stimulation; community & infrastructure development; sector development)

To inspire and solicit creative (“outside the box”) solutions for issues at hand

To attract businesses and economic opportunities to the region

To assist in the creation and maintenance of a climate that fosters economic growth and viability


Early Childhood Education and Daycare Needs Assessment

Early Childhood Education and Daycare Needs Assessment

WCMEDC, alongside regional partners and the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (IDAEYC), has conducted an initial needs assessment to determine the scope of both early childhood education (preschool/curriculum based) gaps and daycare gaps across the...

Early Childhood Education and Daycare Needs Assessment

Parents of Young Children Survey

CALLING ALL PARENTS! Our Early Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC) needs your help to expand access to daycare and early childhood education resources across the region. Can you take a few minutes to share your perspectives? CLICK HERE TO TAKE OUR ONLINE SURVEY