Agenda: 04/24/2020 Payette River National Scenic Byways Committee

Location: REMOTE: Zoom

Time: 1-3pm MST

Chair: Cynda Herrick

Members: Linnea Hall, Dan Richter, Delta James, Lori Clemens, Shauna Arnold, Mac Qualls

Guests (TBD): Cecilia Awusie, Jason Boals, Mark Wasdahl, Brent Danielson 

Administrator: WCMEDC–Andrew Mentzer



  • Welcome/introduction of guests: Ada County, ITD
  • Review of finances
  • Approval of Shauna Arnold appointment to committee
  • Website review–wish list items
  • Monument sign placement and approval discussion for WCMEDC Board
    • Wellington Snow Park co-applicant 
    • New Meadows update
  • Corridor signage inventory game plan and discussion 
  • Speed limits in Cascade and Donnelly
  • Comment letter protocol
  • Area government guidance (attached memo) 
  • Committees:
    • Marketing/outreach
    • Monument signs and signage inventory
    • Guidance for jurisdictions/best practices
  • Next steps for the group:
    • Fall meeting day/time/location
    • Objectives/planning
    • Action items for review by WCMEDC board
  • Adjourn