West Central Mountains Economic Development Council
October 2023 Board Meeting Minutes
October 10th, 2023 3:00pm
New Meadows City Hall, 401 Virginia Street, New Meadows ID

In-Person: Dylan Martin, Johanna Osterman, Julie Good, Joel Ockunzzi, Linnea Hall
Remotely:   Judy Nissula, Rachel Wessel
Guests: Tiffany Dobbs, Melissa Hamilton, Lindsey Harris (in-person), Trace McKellips

Executive Session 2:30 (Open unless otherwise specified)

  • Review agenda items

Board Meeting 3:09

  • Call to Order
  • Approval of October Agenda
    • Julie moved to approve
    • 2nd by Joni
    • Motion passes
  • Approval of September Minutes
    • Linnea moved to approve
    • 2nd by Joni
    • Motion passes
  • Board Member Addition of Joel Ockunzzi for Donnelly Community
    • Discussion of at large members and their local area representation for consistent representation. Julie suggested we put an actual document in place on a go forward,
    • Julie moved to approve as a Donnelly at large member
    • 2nd by Dylan
    • Motion passes
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Julie is submitting invoices for Economic Summit. Website GoDaddy expense that we will need to be reviewed next month – verifying the Creative District. Seeking clarification on the housing needs assessment billing on a go forward – monthly.  Hoping to submit the payments electronically on a go forward, seeking invoicing clarification.
    • Joni moved to approve financial report
    • 2nd by Linnea
    • Motion passes
  • Idaho Economic Development Association Membership – current and past due. Recently they connected with Lindsey, this is a statewide group, they have asked for $125 for membership for us to be listed on their website as well as provides legislative connections and resources for small businesses. It was originally set up by Andrew, we are past due for 2023 and would have additional $125 for 2024.  Julie requested an invoice. This is budgeted so need for motion.
  • Letter(s) of support: MDSD School District/Heartland High School CTE grant application
    • Julie moved to approve
    • 2nd by Joni
    • Motion passes
  • Executive Director Update (Lindsey) Fundraising is looking positive for the economic summit and information to be submitted for marketing to McKenzie for the website and program.
  • Will be leaving for Europe after the summit 11th – 29th
  • Additional liability Insurance is being requested for the Economic Summit. Upon review cost is variable based on coverage amounts for a general insurance certificate.  Discussion to increase the policy amounts.
    • Dylan moved to modify the agenda to add the Liability Coverage insurance
    • 2nd by Julie
    • Motion passes
    • Dylan moved to approve a Liability Insurance Policy not to exceed charges of $1,000.
    • 2nd by Joni
    • Motion passes
  • Grant Updates if available
  • Community Reports (Please provide email update)
    • Cascade
      • Mayor Nissula been on vacation for a week. Gearing up for the election, she has 2 people running against her.  Excited to have the summit in their jurisdiction. Library Grant celebration event was very positive.
    • Donnelly
      • Garnet Valley project got approved by the commissioners. Dylan responded to a request for clarification on communication had by Sherry and Cynda with regard to a development from a private citizen unrelated to our organization.  He communicated to the person of interest that both of them had abstained from the vote and reiterated our process and minutes. Norwood North of Roseberry will be the transportation negotiation regarding the developer plan of 309 units.  The deed restriction information was not included in the original communication.
      • WCMEDC will be looking to draft a letter of support policy in general for asks for the organization in January.
    • McCall – No information today
    • New Meadows
      • Received funding by Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for continued transportation initiative for Gold Line
      • Several housing projects, at least 4 of varied types at this time, some are tiny homes, looking at an ordinance specific to tiny homes.
      • Christmas Tree should be planted by Franz Witte this week in their park.
      • Fall Festival huge success.
      • Water project has been going on for almost 7 years.
      • Trunk or Treat scheduled in the park on the 28th.
    • Valley County
      • Regional Planning of 10K set aside money in next year’s general budget. WCMEDC will take the responsibility for that project, with support from UI Extension.
    • WCMEDC Updates
      • Early Childhood Education (Trace)
        • Welcomed 3 new members to the group.
        • Idaho Workforce Grant has been officially closed
        • Ignite Idaho submitted a grant for 90K, along with City of New Meadows.
        • Valley County and Donnelly Elementary did not submit grant applications, but those conversations will continue
        • Statewide needs assessment has been kicked off – request from Board Members sent requesting the survey be completed
        • Trace started with the Leadership Academy
        • Discussion about WCMEDC funded that LA request, invoice requested
      • Economic Summit (Lindsey)
        • Sponsorships are coming in, we are in a great spot with sponsorship for the event. New focus will be registrations in the next two weeks.
        • Asking for people to submit registrations for attendance at the event so we can account for numbers.
        • Lindsey will send out information again for posting of the summit.
      • Payette River Scenic Byway (Cynda) – no report
      • Community Development
        • Creative District Update (Delta) – no report, but community bootcamp participation will occur. Lindsey submitted that grant application for the bootcamp for the group.
      • CAT Updates
        • Housing
          • Regional Housing Assessment Update – Contract solidified, planned meeting with Agnew Beck and the housing committee is planned
          • Agnew Beck will present at the summit as part of the stakeholder kickoff and education.
          • WCM Housing Trust Updates
            • Looking at amending the bylaws to get more refined and structured.
            • Switching over from The Housing company to Frost Property Management to eliminate issues for property management.
            • Cascade units are underway.
          • Infrastructure
            • Creating a readiness sheet with all the contacts listed from a regional perspective, a one stop shop document to be placed on the website.
          • Transportation – Gold Line to continue. Valley Adams Planning Partnership Meeting scheduled for October 24th in McCall. Lindsey coordinated with LHTAC presentations. WCMEDC will provide lunch.
          • Business Retention & Expansion – No report. Summit is focus.
          • Broadband – Quiet at this time, awaiting on contracts for Middle Mile project and word on “last mile” WCM Fiber Coalition grant application.
          • Communications – No Report
        • New Business – U of I Extension
        • New Business – Tiffany Dobbs
          • Working on the community needs assessment
          • Housing emphasis
          • Mental Health
          • Created a new website that she will be able to share wit us in the future.
        • Public Comment
        • Meeting Adjourned 4:25pm