WCMEDC Board Meeting
November 14, 2023 via ZOOM only

In attendance: Sherry Maupin, Dylan Martin, Joel Ockunzzi, Joni Osterman, Belinda Provancher, Cynda Herrick, Delta James, Rachel Wessel
Guests in attendance: Melissa Hamilton, Tiffany Hakes and Trace McKellips

Motion to approve agenda as presented by Sherry, Joel 2nd, motion carried.

Motion to approve October minutes by Joni, Belinda 2nd, motion carried.

Summit Summary – profit $19-$20K, Dylan heard nothing but good things, Board would like to get a gift for Lindsey as a thank you.

We have excess funds potentially for Creative District, Scenic By-Ways, Housing Study, etc – recommendation to hold since McCall LOT funding is down 5% from previous year.  Delta would like $1000 for Creative District if we have it available.

Motion to approve Treasury Report by Sherry, Kelly 2nd, motion carried.

Motion made by Cynda, Sherry 2nd, motion carried to approve Letter of Support for the City of McCall grant application with LHTAC, $30k pedestrian signage and speed limits signage on side streets.


Executive session in December – hold at ID First Bank

  • Budget
  • Strategic planning

Donnelly Rep Report:

  • Donnelly Comprehensive Plan will be arriving soon
  • Susan looking for new Board member for EDC

McCall Rep Report:

  • City has formed a new waste water committee and they met week of 11/6, need to work on local housing. Will meet again in December.

County Rep Report:

  • EMS district approved, funding didn’t.
  • Impact Fees will start for all new building permits starting on Thursday.
  • Valley County Water District will be meeting in January to discuss waterways and lakes in our watershed.

No reports for New Meadows and Cascade

CAT Team Updates:

Early Childhood – Trace

  • Currently working on some smaller projects
  • McCall CTE programming has 16 students enrolled, this is a small number of kids for CTE.
  • Working on food funding for our smaller centers
  • Request or educational materials for local early childhood centers, need $10k
  • Working on securing food donations of “Ready for Kindergarten” programming
  • Feedback on summit panel, panelists did great job, AEY need to proof read slides for grammar and typos.

Melissa indicated that she will have a summary of comments from Economic Summit for the Dec. meeting.  Dylan asked for the survey to be resent as the link wasn’t working.

Lindsey to get out thank you cards to participants by month end, anyone wanting to help, reach out to Lindsey.

Cynda indicated next Scenic By-Way Committee meeting will be in January 2024.

Creative District update is an art swap Dec 1,2,3 – drop any art or art supplies you would like to drop off should be dropped before the event on Dec 1.  Dec. 2nd will be open to purchase items from 10-5 pm, Dec 3 pick up what you want back.

McCall, City of Cascade, Cascade Medical Center, City of New Meadows took time after the summit to show Agnew Beck around their communities.

Infrastructure committee, not much happening.

Non-Profit think tank conversation, what do they need?

Broadband discussion  around why they didn’t receive funding @ 6:00 pm on 11/15 @ Maupin Homes.  Fiber network group will no longer be meeting, they will support McCall broadband group.

New Business: Melissa – Master Gardner Programming @ Bistro 12/6 @ 6:00 pm, working on weed management issues, if you are interested reach out to Melissa. Winter clothing drive with ID Power, St. Luke’s and Perpetua