Many people have requested additional information about the Northern Valley Recreation District. Below is information regarding the proposed ballot measure:

Boundary of the Northern Valley Recreation District is the McCall Donnelly School District Boundary

What Can we Accomplish Together?

Name: Northern Valley Recreation District

Where: McCall Donnelly School District Boundaries

How: Vote of the people- May 2019 General Election

Population: 4473 Residents

Cost: .0003 Tax Levi= $30.00 per year/ per $100,000 Value  (=$.08 per day)

Many opportunities exist for this type of District. This is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the voters residing in their Trustee Zones. The district will be audited annually and be accountable to the State Tax Commission.

Based upon community input and survey data the likely outcome to the formation of the district would be:

  • Community Recreation Center dedicated to health and well-being of residents of all ages. Programs designed to enhance wellness for all.
  • Trail System Development and maintenance for both winter and summer sports
  • Dedicated staff to work on access easements and open space access to the national forests.