West Central Mountains Economic Development Council
March 2023 Board Meeting Minutes
March 14, 2023 3:00pm
City of Donnelly Community Room, 169 Halferty Street, Donnelly, ID
Zoom Available: link below

Executive Session 2:30 (Open unless otherwise specified)

  • Review agenda items

Attendance: Cynda Herrick, Joni Osterman, Dylan Martin, Belinda Provancher, Trace McKellips, Lindsey Harris

Online: Rachel Wessel, Judith Nissula, Vonna Torrey, Kelly Hill, Rachel Wessel, Sherry Maupin, Kim Glineski, Tiffany Hakes Dobbs, Michelle Groenevelt

Board Meeting 3:00

  • Call to Order
  • Belinda: Impact service agreements with essential service providers. Cannot finalize until record of decision which they are expecting by end of this year. Please reach out to Belinda with any questions.
  • Approval of March Agenda ACTION ITEM Motion by Cynda, Belinda 2nd. Motion passes.
  • Approval of February Minutes ACTION ITEM Motion by Joni, Belinda 2nd. Motion passes.
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Approval of Treasurer’s Report ACTION ITEM. Motion by Cynda, Belinda 2nd. Motion passes.
      • $20 boosted post on Facebook to introduce Trace and Lindsey.
    • Letter(s) of support requests & Agreement requests
      • City of McCall/Treasure Valley Transit FTA FY23 Grants for Busses and Bus Facilities LTR of Support ACTION ITEM. Motion by Belinda. Joni 2nd. Motion passes.
      • City of McCall 2023 Agreement for Services ACTION ITEM
        • Readiness team question on what that looks like. Board asked about time required for something like this and would like more details. Everyone agrees that formalizing the readiness contacts
        • Motion by Cynda to approve with language changed for readiness team. Belinda 2nd. Motion passes.
      • Cascade Chamber ITC LTR of Support ACTION ITEM. Belinda Motion. Joni 2nd. Motion passes.
    • Approval of 2023 Strategic Plan ACTION ITEM
      • Motion by Joni. Cynda 2nd. Motion passes.
      • Board Member Assignments to CATs- board members please get over to Lindsey by next meeting. Lindsey will send to the board the edited strategic plan and our bylaws so we can officially designate when that our strategic
    • Community Reports
      • Cascade: water is clear as of this afternoon and the City has been focusing on resolving. There have been some feuding businesses, but recently they seem to have found common ground and resolve. 343 surveys returned for comp plan. Public input sessions this week to gather more information. Community BBQ at Cascade Fire to educate about the levy and what it entails. April 22nd from 1-4pm at Armstrong Park. New owner of Whistle Stop has been remodeling their building as well that is housing multiple small businesses.
      • Donnelly: Easter baskets for Donnelly. Big focus on Huck Fest. North Lake reached out to City of Donnelly to start discussions for when the bond is up for the sewer system. Great to see those discussions happening ahead of time. Comprehensive planning RFPs. At April’s City Council meeting
      • McCall – January City Council retreat priorities are housing, don’t feed the wildlife ordinance. New bar that had an application was denied because of the close vicinity to a church (there is State statute for this).
      • New Meadows
      • Valley County – working with Fire/EMS and how we fund an EMS district. Sustainable funding mechanism doesn’t currently exist. Working with Forest Service on grant funding to purchase large capital equipment. Trying to figure out long-term solutions so they don’t have to burn all of the wood debris. Assessing composting system viability at the transfer site to create a renewable asset. In the middle of their master transportation plan and a draft is near. Asset management planning. Figuring out best use of AARPA funds. $1 million was approved for the WCM Housing Trust. The remaining funds will partly go to fairgrounds to make a community asset. Trace asked about bio char. Adopted the waterways plan and this will then be discussed and ultimately, implemented into the comprehensive plan. Land use changes as well. Lindsey will be serving….
    • WCMEDC Updates
      • Early Childhood Education update from Trace
      • Regional Youth Council Update from Lindsey
      • Payette River Scenic Byway (Cynda)
        • 3/15/23 next meeting in New Meadows
      • Community Development
        • Creative District Update
      • CAT Updates
        • Housing
          • WCM Housing Trust Updates
          • Regional Housing Assessment Update
        • Infrastructure
        • Transportation
        • Business Retention & Expansion
        • Broadband
        • Communications
      • New Business
      • Public Comment
      • Adjournment