West Central Mountains Economic Development Council
Annual Meeting Agenda
January 24, 1-5pm
Zoom link below or in person
101 Commercial Avenue, Historic P & IN Depot, New Meadows, ID

  • 1:00pm Call to Order
  • Approval of Agenda ACTION ITEM
  • Welcome of Guests
  • Introduction of Trace McKellips, new Early Childhood Development Program Manager
  • Executive Board Elections ACTION ITEM
  • Approval of December Minutes ACTION ITEM
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Approval of December and 2022 YE Treasurer’s Report ACTION ITEM
    • Approval of proposed 2023 budget ACTION ITEM
    • Future Reports – A/R etc to help with outstanding items
  • 1:30 Guest presentation Kimberly, Idaho Dept. of Commerce
  • 2:00 Board Member Expectations & Best Practices Discussion
  • 2:15 Updates of 2022 initiatives with Lindsey Harris
  • 2:30 Discussion of CATs moving forward & implementing chairs/leaders for each team
  • Break
  • 3:00 Strategic Planning Session:
    • Ideas to discuss: Housing, Waste Management/Recycling, Recreation/Pathways, Creative District, Workforce Development, Broadband, Transportation, Early Childhood Education, Youth Leadership Academy
  • 5:00 Conclude

ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86942206735?pwd=Qi9TQUcxeFRMeE9lZFFMOVlTRHpBdz09