West Central Mountains Economic Development Council
Board Meeting Minutes
February 14, 2023 3:00pm
Cascade: Cascade Public Library, 105 N. Front Street
Zoom Available: link below

Executive Session 2:30 (Open unless otherwise specified)

  • Review agenda items

Board Members & Contractors Present: Kelly Hill, Vonna Torrey, Joni Osterman, Dylan Martin, Jill Morris Chapman, Trace McKellips, Lindsey Harris, Delta James, Rachel Wessel, Judy Nissula, Belinda Provancher

Guests Present: Chris St. Germaine, Melissa Hamilton, Tiffany Dobbs


Board Meeting Call to Order at 3:05pm

  • Approval of Amended Agenda ACTION ITEM, Jill motion, Joni 2nd. Motion passes.
  • Approval of Past Minutes ACTION ITEM, Joni motion, Jill 2nd. Motion passes.
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Approval of Treasurer’s Report ACTION ITEM. Motion Jill, Belinda 2nd. Motion passes.
  • Guest Chris St Germaine from Ziply- 637 new locations, pending pole attachments. Additional build blocks in design. In immediate surrounding area of McCall. 42 projects, 12 counties, $95 million was applied for with Idaho Broadband grant funding. Intro to school superintendents for Chris. Tutor Mobile as well. Chris has an extensive background in Economic Development and happy to be a resource moving forward. Asked the board what highest needs are for broadband expansion, locations, neighborhoods, developments etc. Wants to continue to stay in touch with the EDC.
  • Letter(s) of support requests
    • RAISE Grant LTR of Support (renewed) for City of McCall (No action needed)
  • Treasure Valley Transit Canyon County application for the Conditional Use Permit for new Office Building ACTION ITEM
    • Belinda Motion, Dylan 2nd. Motion passes. Lindsey to send draft out for approval. LTR to focus on the partnership and good neighbor experience with them here.
  • Approval of 2023 Strategic Plan ACTION ITEM (postponed)
    • Vonna suggested we review and submit adds and edits in preparation for a vote next meeting and ideas on Board Member Assignments to CATs
  • WCM Creative District Request to Approve Idaho Commission for the Arts Grant Application ACTION ITEM.
    • Grant request for $1,001.00 for the WCM Creative District. Shauna and Delta will draft application but as the fiscal agent we will be “submitting.” No cost associated since funded by private entity. Dylan motion, Joni 2nd. Motion passes.
  • Community Reports
    • Cascade- Mayor Judy Blue Cross 30/30/30, confirmed the 2nd 30K has been funded. 10K discount, so City Council approved it.  Going out to bid on projects. AARP selected them as an age friendly community.
    • Donnelly- new Caterpillar Co. lot outside of Donnelly. Roseberry Plaza is filling up. New business called “Steadfast,” which makes canvas goods using old sailboat sails, Alpine Ski Wholesalers, new donut shop.
    • McCall – LOT continue to trend up, 4% tourism LOT increase, 5% street LOT increase. City Council annual planning retreat. Focus on Housing, Growth Management Tools, Code Standards, Comprehensive Plan Review, Focus on Implementation Strategies, Environmental related focus adding a climate action plan and natural resource preservation.
    • New Meadows – no report this month
    • Valley County – no report this month
  • WCMEDC Updates
    • Early Childhood Education update from Trace- Capitol on Feb. 6th with Olivia Schulz, met with Bundy & Schroeder, MDSD could add 60 positions with their new center. 6-8 employees with a living wage comparable to teacher salaries. Community survey on school district website. Trace brought up tablecloths & tables. Anticipated cost of around $100.00. Board agrees this would be good to have on hand for future engagements. Belinda mentioned there were 40 new legislators this session. McCall Donnelly School district is opening an early childhood center. Low cost plan for ages 0-5; $200/wk/child is the cost; 52 – 60 students is the plan. Superintendent Pingree plans for 6-8 full time employees to manage the center. Location is planned for the old Crestline/Dept. of Labor building on HWY 55.

ISU was awarded a 10m grant for early childhood education to support organizations. Payette lakes McCall rotary club grant cycle is open from Feb 1- March 15.  The community youth are a big focus of the club and they look favorably on grant submissions that serve children. March 15th deadline for Rotary; Rotary website is https://portal.clubrunner.ca or you can do a search on Rotary Club of McCall (Payette Lakes). April 1 – May 31 – Stibnite Foundation grant cycle.

  • Payette River Scenic Byway (Cynda)
    • 2/22/23 next meeting in New Meadows
  • Community Development
    • Creative District Update (Delta) Continues to work on creating a strategic plan. Plan should be complete by the end of June of 2023.
  • Past CAT Updates
    • Housing- needs assessment, ideally there will be a draft RFP for discussion next meeting from the housing CAT team. Aggressive timeline in March or April.
    • Infrastructure – no new report.
    • Transportation- regional transportation group is still meeting, discussion to expand the regional line and test from Memorial to Labor Day. Transportation Master Plan is in the works.
    • Business Retention & Expansion- Focus on Workforce Readiness Development with Chef Topple and connections with Sun Valley Culinary Institute. Youth Advocacy Coalition, Regional Leadership Academy in the works. YAC Youth Summit will be on May 16th, at Quaker Hill. Details are still in the works. Will bring youth from Cascade, McCall, New Meadows, Council and Riggins.
    • Broadband- IRON project grant was approved, public comment period is over and they will be moving forward. ½ of lines designated specifically for government use, the other ½ will be available for public.
    • Communications – no update
  • New Business
  • Public Comment
  • Adjournment at 4:34pm