In recent months, we’ve been made aware of a critical shortage of child care options in the region, specifically in McCall, following the closure of local facilities. As such, there may be an opportunity for in-home daycare options for those looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity, or those with kids and a home that could safely accommodate some additional littles. Below we outline the general requirements to start up an in-home daycare.

For additional inquiries about permitting and licensing, contacts throughout the region are listed below:

Key Contacts:

City Planning & Zoning Building Dept. Public Works Website Who to start with…
Cascade 208.382.4279 208.315.0691 208.382.4279 Carrie Rushby
Donnelly 208.325.8859 208.325.8859 208.325.8859 Lori Clemens
McCall 208.634.4256 208.634.8648 208.634.8943 Morgan Bessaw
New Meadows 208.347.3271 208.347.3271 208.347.3271 Mac Qualls
Valley County 208.382.7115 208.382.7114 N/A Cynda Herrick
Adams County 208.253.4561 208.253.6125 N/A Wendy Green