15 OCT 2020


Meeting updates: Moving meetings to every other week. Will reach out to group members via email once a week to have their updated reports sent to a representative and those updates will go out to the community and will be added to the Protect Your Mountain Playground site once per week.


Healthcare Update:


All St. Luke’s Sites

Increase in hospitalizations due to COVID. 69 COVID patients (57 last week, 36 two weeks ago) with rule outs and 1 pediatric. 6 patients in ICU vs 9 last week. 19 patients ventilated both COVID and non-COVID vs 17 last week. Most of these cases are in the Magic Valley/ Twin Falls areas. Patients from these areas go to the hospital in Twin Falls. Surgical procedures that will require an overnight stay may be canceled for one week beginning Monday, Oct. 19. Additional elective cases (GREEN cases only) requiring an overnight stay should also not be scheduled the week of Monday, Oct. 26.


For more information about the St. Luke’s health system and COVID information please visit: 


St. Luke’s, McCall

There have been 2,422 tests ordered so far. There was one positive case this week, 4 in the past two weeks. Performed 131 tests this week, 111 tests last week. As of today, there have been 113 positive cases, 2302 negative test results and 14 tests that are pending. Will be moving tent testing operations inside the McCall Medical Clinic, should be in place this week or next.


For more information about the McCall, St. Luke’s health system and COVID information please visit the website below, scroll to the bottom and click on the updated information under “Additional Links”: 


Update from Dr. Irvine:

Influenza vaccine available at all pharmacies and hospitals in Valley County. Flu and COVID symptoms are similar and may cause confusion down the road for diagnosis/ testing. Recommended that everyone get vaccinated for flu. Traditional vaccine numbers for influenza in Idaho has been low. If everyone is encouraged to get the vaccine, then infection rates for flu and COVID may be less detrimental. The flu vaccine is created once per year and does not change until the next year. Ideal time to get the flu vaccine is in October. Flu season generally lasts from November – April in Idaho.


Cascade Medical Center (CMC)

There have been 2 positive cases in the last week. Record year for flu vaccinations in Cascade with the help of CDH. Look for ways to communicate facts and stats to the community to slow the spread of COVID and to enforce mask wearing. CMC now has an all-weather testing unit behind the building that also serves drive through testing. Have also modified two rooms with negative pressure to house affected patients.

See the updated graphics attached to see COVID data at CMC 

CMC is now offering a “drive through” flu vaccination option on Thursdays and Saturdays. Follow the link to schedule your appointment and learn more 

For more information about the Cascade Medical Center please follow the link below: 


Central District Health (CDH)

Flu clinic at Payette Lakes Middle School was a success! Three cases in Valley County currently. Schools still in category two (Yellow) for Valley County. There is a chance of reinfections with COVID, the immunity and long-term impacts are not certain. CDH is in communication with ID Dept of Health and Welfare for vaccine distribution and administration. Organizing that vaccines will get delivered to places that will be administering them so cut out lag time and streamline distribution. Discussions ongoing about vaccine distributions and priority levels for organizing vaccine administration. 


If you are looking for more information on how to stay safe on Halloween or while trick-or-treating follow this link for helpful guidelines:  

If you have questions or would like more information, please call the CDH Call Center @     1-208-321-2222 


Youth Advocacy Coalition (YAC) 

YAC is offering a series on mental health through ZOOM and in person at Crestline Academy. Follow this link for more information and to register:  


Schools Update:


McCall-Donnelly School District

108 students vaccinated for flu on Oct 14 at the Payette Lakes Middle School clinic that was partnered with CDH. Will be following up with school families about how to get flu shot. District organized a transition team (18 staff members) to help the school find the best operating method and for transition after COVID.


Government Update:


Valley County

In a holding pattern and watching for trends.


City of McCall

Looking at Cares Act allocation monies and what expenses are eligible to use it for. Looking at criteria for proper distribution of excess money that could be passed on to members of the community. Building on communication efforts for the public about COVID testing, mask wearing and vaccine options when it is available.


New Meadows

Mask requirements still in effect, virtual work is still happening, public restrooms still closed. Will be applying for Cares Act funds to improve website. Sue Foster was recognized for making masks in the community. These recognitions will keep taking place weekly.


Business Update:

Brundage: Ramping up at Brundage in mid-November with around 300 employees. Hoping to manage and operate responsibly coming into the ski season following CDC and NSA protocols. Pushing the flu vaccine to maintain health of employees and guests. Looking to expand space for staff areas so that they can remain healthy and safe. Also adding other modular buildings. Cleaning up the outdoor ski areas and doing lots of brush removal and added a new run. Season pass sales are at record level this year. Can still purchase passes but if purchasing a day pass it is asked that they are purchased in advance.


Tamarack: Now requiring masks in all office space areas. Looking at operations and following protocols to continue safely into the ski season.


Marketing Update: 

Script for video has been completed and video will be shot next Thursday (Oct. 22). Video will be finalized and distributed before the first of November.