West Central Mountains Economic Development Council
Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2018, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Midas Gold, Donnelly, ID

Members in Attendance: Gene Tyler (Treasurer), Cynda Herrick (Secretary), Blake Watson, Julie Crosby, Thom Sowers, Bill Willey, Julie Good, and Andrew Mentzer (Executive Director).

Members Absent: Sherry Maupin (President), Lin Davis, Linnea Hall, Eric Borchers, Don Bailey,.

Guests: Delta James

Cynda opened the meeting.

● Julie Good, New Meadows: community update, meeting locations review. Julie introduced herself as the president of the New Meadows City Council. Julie presented an update on Meadows Valley. Similar challenges and goals. Tons of development going on–looking for a P&Z administrator for the city. Would like to expand the EDC’s presence in the business community. Locations for New Meadows meetings: Library, senior center, city hall, fire station. Will start in 2019, to be determined at annual meeting, if needed.

● Game plan for articles revision to include New Meadows—Gene will have new documents prepared by December for implementation in January. If anyone has additional revisions to the bylaws or articles before the annual meeting in December, please reach out to Gene.

● Treasurer’s report: Gene presented. Some issues with auto deposit for Andrew. Will show up in September twice. LOT funds from Donnelly are in the mail. Discussed summit funds etc. Summit sponsors tracking well. Looking at at least a break even. Need to send sponsors option to invite community members.
Blake moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Bill seconded. Motion carried.

● Approval of August minutes: Gene moved to approve the minutes. Blake seconded. Motion carried.

Andrew read Don’s e-mail of resignation. Gene moved to accept. Good seconded. Motion carried.

● Silent auction donor review and coordination: Andrew listed the donations.

● Economic Summit planning committee update–sponsorships, budget, promoted posts for registration, get
the word out in the communities, agenda review: Discussed under Treasurer’s Report. The agenda is set.

● Marketing update: videos in the fall, Idaho Power grant deadline. The videos are due in November. Andrew will schedule videos for October.

● Mapp Consulting invoice $525: Gene moved to allocate up to $1,500 for Tony Harrison PR and $750 for deposit. Blake seconded. Motion carried. All is within the $7,500 grant and will be reimbursed.

● IMBA $12,282.50 invoice: There was a $20,000 budget – anticipating a surplus, depending on IMBA’s remaining work. Gene moved to pay the $12,282.50 invoice. Crosby seconded. Motion carried.

● Doug Griffiths invoice $1,500: 13 Ways to Kill a Community. Should purchase approximately 20 books, some will be shared with libraries. Gene moved to approve $1,500 for presenter fee and up to $500 for books. Bill seconded. Motion carried. Cynda requested we get a flyer with 13 ways info for the participants at the summit.
● Valley County Comp Plan letter: It was recommended that there be more inclusion of Midas Gold and mining. Gene moved to send draft letter, that duplicates the McCall Comp Plan response, to members for review and consensus. Motion carried.

● Strategy 1 – JOBS
o Woody Biomass update–funding received, Ben is coordinating: Andrew is working with Ben. Cynda requested that Andrew account for CU permit in report.

● Strategy 2 – EDUCATION
o Gap analysis update: Extremely disappointed; there have been two years put into this effort and MD has now backed out and said it is not in the best interest of the students to conduct the survey at this time. Andrew will summarize in a letter. Working on alternate plans.

o ADV biking update: New maps, individual route pages is live on the recreation tab on the website, working on PR next
o Pathways feasibility study update: IMBA update. It should be on its way after we pay
o Monument sign update: none
o Rec District update: 350 signatures, still working on outreach
o Broadband update: Sept. 28th meeting and Moscow conference on the 19th and 20th. Andrew is presenting at the conference.
o Northlake Sewer upgrade update–GEM grant, other resources needed (USDA-RD). There are no funds from the USDA due to median income of the community. It will cost approximately $240,000. Still trying to get Gem Grant and DEQ participation.

● Strategy 4- PROSPERITY
▪ Cascade Incubator – Discussion with Phil Bennett later in September

● Round Table, Upcoming Events & Public Comments