West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Meeting Minutes

October 4, 2018, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Idaho First Bank, McCall, ID


Members in Attendance:  Sherry Maupin (President), Gene Tyler (Treasurer), Cynda Herrick (Secretary), Julie Crosby, Julie Good, Linnea Hall, Eric Borchers, and Andrew Mentzer (Executive Director).

Members Absent:  Blake Watson, Thom Sowers, Bill Willey, and Lin Davis.


Guests:  Phil Bennett


Sherry opened the meeting.


  • Treasurer’s report: Gene presented the report and stated the in depth report is not available for this meeting. Eric moved to approve $5,789.80 for the Shore Lodge final payment. The Star News was paid. Julie Good seconded. Motion carried.


  • Approval of Sept. minutes: Gene moved to approve the minutes for August 2, 2018. Linnea seconded the motion. Motion carried.


  • Economic Summit recap: Talked about the profits and discussed changes for the future. The following is a partial list:

(Eric) The Shore Lodge is a great venue. The state representatives could focus more on local issues. Liked the master of ceremonies/facilitator.

(Sherry) We need to do a better job of selling ourselves at the event.

(Julie Good) The first of the month is a bad time – she has to do books. Should market to non-profits. The networking was great.

(Julie Crosby) The lunch time was short – end of line people did not have enough time. Need name tags with more information.

(Linnea) More time for lunch and name tags.

(Cynda) Recap WCMEDC activities for year. Disperse participants so not all people are sitting with their co-workers for better networking.

(Andrew) Presented survey data.


  • 2019 strategic plan game plan: Tabled to December 6. The meeting will be from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Donnelly.


  • Marketing update: videos in October. Andrew is working on getting a meeting with the videographer on October 13, 14, or 15.


  • IPI payment of $3,594: Julie Good moved to approve the IPI payment for $3,594. Cynda seconded the motion. Motion carried.


  • McCall downtown revitalization project letter of support: McCall is applying for a CBDG grant in November. Gene motioned to approve a support letter. Crosby seconded. Motion carried. Cynda mentioned Cascade is also apply for the CDBG grant. Gene moved to approve a support letter. Linnea seconded. Motion carried. Cynda commented that ITD is making comments on projects outside of the Highway 55 corridor. The council decided to write a letter with their concern.


  • Strategy 1 – JOBS

o Woody Biomass update – continuing to work on.


  • Strategy 2 – EDUCATION

o Gap analysis update–data review, next steps with schools – almost done.



o ADV biking update: PR plan approval of up to $500 for Aaron Thiesen visit (ITC reimbursed). Approval for up to $500.


o Pathways feasibility study update: IMBA final report – almost done.


o Monument sign update – no comment


o Rec District update – no comment


o Broadband update, next steps – no comment


o Northlake Sewer upgrade update–GEM grant, RDBG, CEDA. Andrew updated on the potential for a CEDA grant for the necessary improvements to allow septage haulers to dump year round.


  • Strategy 4- PROSPERITY

o Business engagement: no comment


(Additional business)

  • Discussion about an apprenticeship fair with Labor and YAC. Proposed for November 5.
  • Treasurer’s report proxy vote (Gene had a family emergency and is just returning from extended travel)
  • Star News invoice for $231. Eric moved to approve the payment to the Star News for the advertisement for the Summit. Julie seconded. Motion carried.
  • Lin’s resignation. Lin was originally the representative for the New Meadows Community Foundation. The city has now appointed a representative. Gene moved to accept the resignation of Lin from the WCMEDC. Julie Crosby seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • WCMHT doc signatures. We need to amend the bylaws. Gene moved to approve the amendment to the Articles of Incoporation and the Bylaws. Cynda seconded the motion. Motion carried. Gened moved to authorize signatures on the documents severing ties to the WCMHT. Cynda seconded. Motion carried.
  • BSU on the board? The council chose not to appoint a representative from BSU to be on the WDMEDC at this time, but will evaluate opportunities for partnering with the universities and forming additional programming and subcommittees at the annual meeting.
  • Boulder Lake wedding venue letter of support. The council chose to send the typical letter of support for the Boulder Lake Retreat.
  • Cascade final Labor reimbursements once check is received, $3,049.50. There are $2,628 in the account. Linnea moved to approve the reimbursement for the CNA grant in the amount of $3,049.50. Good seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Ashley Inn accommodation $254 for 2 nights for ITC journalist for ADV biking project (reimbursable). Ashley Inn provided accommodation on October 15 and 16 for the writer. This is reimbursable by the state. Gene moved to approve and Crosby seconded to pay Ashley Inn. Motion carried.
  • Council will seek additional appointees from the Cascade and McCall Chambers.

Phillip Bennett with Kaufman Foundation introduced himself.


Round Table, Upcoming Events & Public Comments


Meeting Adjourned.