West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2020, 4:00 pm



Members in Attendance:  Jill Chapman (President), Dylan Martin (Vice-President), Julie Good (Treasurer), Cynda Herrick (Secretary), Gene Tyler, Linnea Hall, Patty Wold, Judith Nissula Lindsay Harris, Nicole Musgrove, and Andrew Mentzer (Executive Director).


Members Absent:  Sherry Maupin


  • Executive team meeting, open at 2:30pm 

o Signing of checks for previously approved items ▪ CUB fall payment – VC Pathways Heinrich donation –

* discussed protocol for board payments; how are we paying for videos.

* how are we paying for videos after appropriation switched to cover Executive Director

* McCall money is to be used for video series;

* discussed revenues.


  • Call to order, regular meeting, 3pm 


  • Adoption of agenda (ACTION ITEM) Addition of discussion of Creative Cubs 501(c)3 options. Julie moved, Gene seconded. Motion carried.


  • Approval of minutes (ACTION ITEM) Linnea moved to approve the minutes. Dylan seconded. Motion carried.


  • Welcome visitors and guests: Morgan Bessaw and Delta James 


( What is our 5/10 year strategic plan? Are we going to hire another contractor? Andrew’s programming: Housing, Broadband, Business Retention, Workforce Development)


  • Community reports: Cascade, Donnelly, McCall, New Meadows, Valley County (DISCUSSION) 


Cascade – discussing wildlife ordinance, put lights on Christmas trees, put up scarecrows. Tom from Cascade Medical reported to the city on positive Covid tests. Trunk or Treat happened.


Donnelly – Hungry Bear closed, lots of LOT funds, working on a STR ordinance, working on LPG ordinance, the chamber is growing. Will be talking to sewer district and how to accommodate growth. Tamarack is getting set to open; 12/5 Donnelly has Christmas kickoff.


McCall – doing Comprehensive amendments to development codes; a discussion is evolving on the city’s sewer system needs; McCall amended ordinance to allow businesses to operate (table service, with approval) in ROW/sidewalks during COVID; released Winter magazine; creative changes to Winter Carnival; various activities are being reviewed; festival of trees.


New Meadows – training city staff; doing Comp Plan; finishing signage will do developer discount on connection fees; working with broadband; doing Thanksgiving dinner; scarecrows; and pumpkin carving.


Valley County – getting through elections.


Thom Sowers has resigned from McCall Council, WCMEDC will seek a new appointment from the City, plus evaluate filling a couple open board positions. Andrew recommends between 11 and 13 board members; should advertise on social media. Reach out to specific people. Delta said they will ask if anybody on City Council would like to participate. Currently a Board of 11.


  • Events and Programming report (Megan): terminated contract effective last Friday. 


  • Treasurer’s report (ACTION ITEM) o Invoices/thank you’s for the month: moved $5,500 from Admin and Commerce to Executive Director.  Gene moved, Dylan seconded. Motion carried.


  • Letters/requests (ACTION ITEMS) o Imagine Idaho Action broadband partnership: board will review whether to be listed on their website.


Received letter to use 501(c)3 from Creative Cub Board, operator and Forest service – need to renew Special Use Permit with Forest Service. They need to be a non-profit. Recommended they seek assistance from other options. Gene is concerned with insurance. Potential to work with early childhood issues. Suggested perhaps Meadows Valley Foundation. Recommended churches. WCM Community Foundation. Motion to continue to work to assist and help her find a suitable organization. Linday seconded. Motion carried.


  • Scenic Byways update–website business directory, signage updates (DISCUSSION) : just notified they can’t place. Doing sign inventory; could come into play a year out.


  • Grants (open/future DISCUSSION) o IWCF–Early childhood position–drilling down on what a position might look like. Up to $30k available for a 2 year grant. Due Dec. 15th


  • Budget and work plan 2021 (DISCUSSION) will be on November 17 at 4 in McCall. We are at a pivotal point of organization; do we need to replace program manager position?; Covid has changed us need to re-evaluate where we want to go, perhaps less topics but more impact … big picture.


  • Recreation/Pathways o Heinrich update (DISCUSSION): Mostly built – 35 people – 4000 ft of trail of singletrack sidewalk. EDC agreed to give $500. 


  • Education and workforce development: o IDAEYC ELAC program update–strategic action plan: submitted per requirements of grant. We will present findings to the state in December. Big thanks to Dylan for his hard work to execute the plan and pull in resources. 


  • Community Projects/Infrastructure 


o Fall videos update (DISCUSSION) : Filming this week–Jon will be here Wednesday; state of each jurisdiction.


o Civic Campus Inventory (DISCUSSION) Andrew has a list running for each community but needs the board to assist with filling in gaps and missing information. Will send the list to each municipality.


o Coronavirus task force update (DISCUSSION)  – meet every other Thursday – McKenzie has done another video; we are having a spike; 14 days ago but is stable.


o Creative District update/focus group (DISCUSSION) Andrew, Delta, Nicole – working to set up a Creative District with Idaho Commission for the Arts.


o Broadband update (DISCUSSION) – having a bigger discussion at state level and working with CEDA on planning resources. 


o Housing update (DISCUSSION) – discussed with Sherry last week, should have another Housing Summit in the Summer or Fall; bring builders, financers, nonprofits. 


  • Business retention and expansion (DISCUSSION) 

o McCall downtown revitalization next steps (DISCUSSION) – spreadsheet of incentive or outreach. Need to finish this soon. 


  • Marketing/fundraising update (DISCUSSION) – letter to previous donors and after our strategic plan.


  • Round Table, Upcoming Events & Public Comments Adjourn