West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2018, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Valley County Courthouse, Cascade, ID


Members in Attendance: Sherry Maupin (President), Cynda Herrick (Secretary), Julie Crosby, Eric Borchers, Blake Watson (telephonically), Bill Willey (telephonically) and Andrew Mentzer (Executive Director).

Members Absent:  Gene Tyler (Treasurer), Thom Sowers, Julie Good, and Linnea Hall.


Guests:  Jerry Wortly, Sharon Bixler


Sherry opened the meeting.


Appointment of New Board Member: Sharon Bixler was chosen by the Cascade Chamber of Commerce to represent them on this council. Sharon is the President of the Cascade Chamber and sits on the Fair Board. Cynda moved to accept the appointment of Sharon Bixler to the West Central Mountains Economic Development Council as the Cascade Chamber representative. Crosby seconded the motion. Motion carried.


(Bill left the meeting, per another obligation)


Jerry Wortly with the Idaho Sled Dog Challenge presented a plan for this year to hold the race as a qualifier for the Iditarod in the West Central Mountains. He reviewed last year, the route for this year, and the donations from sponsorships that are needed.


  • Treasurer’s report: Cynda moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report for September and October. Crosby seconded the motion. Motion carried.


  • Approval of Oct. minutes: Crosby commented there should be better differentiation between her and Julie Good. Eric moved to approve the October 4, 2018, minutes. Sharon seconded the motion. Motion carried.


  • GEM grant authorization through the county: Yellowpine water and Northlake septage: Andrew is applying for a GEM grant through the Dept of Commerce for Northlake to put in a screening plant that will allow winter dumping for $50K. May also submit a GEM grant for upgrades to Yellowpine’s water tank system, which is leaking. A second Yellowpine grant may be a federal grant through CEDA for Yellowpine to fix leaking pipes throughout town. Will need Board of County Commissioner approval to sponsor the grant in a manner similar to the ED Pro Grant. Eric moved to approve Andrew’s time on the grants. Crosby seconded. Motion carried.


  • 2019 strategic plan update

We should take a look at filling the McCall Chamber board seat, and possibly one other. The annual meeting will be December 6 from 11 to 3 at Midas Gold. Andrew recommends a decreased number of projects this year to allow for more time and resources for iterative projects and B2B meetings. Need to look at survey results sent last week. Cascade has a new chamber office at the



Birch Glen.


  • Marketing update: videos – Can we reallocate $1,500 grant to resurrect the Play to Stay. Board agreed to ask permission from Idaho Power. Blake said it would still be considered marketing…it remains “doing business in the WCM”. Eric moved to ask Idaho Power permission to re-purpose the grant. Sharon seconded the motion. Motion carried.


  • Apprenticeship Fair update: The fair was held two nights ago at the Idaho First Bank. There were 19 vendors. There were 35 to 40 people. It was advertised in the two papers. Meets the requirements for the McCall match. In discussions with Brundage, they hired 6 J1’s this winter and they are housed at the Shore Lodge–should take a look at this model.


  • SBDC succession planning debrief – this was put on by the McCall Area Chamber. SBDC customized the session for Valley County. There were 21 participants. Will look at other SBDC resources and trainings.


  • Strategy 1 – JOBS


o Woody Biomass update–grease traps, compost and meeting with Ben – governor’s office has a new policy person. He is busy aggregating and talking with Ben.


  • Strategy 2 – EDUCATION


o Gap analysis update – Vanessa said they deployed the survey to McCall. The industry results are under “Helful Links” on the website.




o ADV biking update: Have expended a good portion of the $7,500. Met with the writer who was in town. Andrew described other bike professional involvement who will help us get listed with bikepacking.com.


o Pathways feasibility study update: IMBA final report – will have soon.


o Monument sign update – we may need to focus only on the sign in Smith’s Ferry.


o Rec District update – have 650 signatures. We need 895 registered voters to sign.


o Broadband update: Cable One, Frontier, Feasibility – This has taken an interesting direction. Andrew talked to the survey results which stated people believe their service is basically good. Met with Cable One and Frontier (separately), concerning how to improve in our area.


  • Strategy 4- PROSPERITY


  • Round Table, Upcoming Events & Public Comments


Cynda explained the Complete County Committee for the Census and the PSAP which is used to



redraw lines based upon population dispersion.


Andrew would like to get Terry Frisk, SBDC, a $50 gift certificate for all of her assistance.


Andrew is writing a personal letter concerning rail banking rules changes at the federal level. Eric moved to allow. Sherry seconded. Motion carried.


Eric moved to approve sending the ITD letter as written. Crosby seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Eric stated the CGI video promotion platform might have limitations, probably not a go for now.


Look at signage as an opportunity in Donnelly to push people to businesses west of town.


Local impact investment fund option to be considered at annual meeting.


Eric moved to approve up to $150 for the annual event. Crosby seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Meeting Adjourned.