West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2017 from 4pm – 6pm

Valley County Courthouse, Cascade, ID

Members in Attendance: Sherry Maupin (President), Gene Tyler (Treasurer), Cynda Herrick (Secretary), Donald Bailey, Lin Davis, Judy Nissula, Bill Willey, Blake Watson, Linnea Hall, and Andrew Mentzer (Executive Director).

Members Absent: Scotty Davenport, Tom Greco, Bob Giles, Eric Borchers, and Kathy Hull.

Guests: None

Maupin opened the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

Gene presented the Treasurer’s Report and stated there was an ending balance of $33,477.82. Gene presented Financial and Summit Analysis (appended). Discussed possibly relocating the summit to a different location next year, both keeping the summit in McCall or using a venue in Cascade. Emphasized we need more sponsorships in the future. Andrew will invoice McCall. Sherry will visit with the Adam’s County Commissioners about potential funding. Cynda moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Blake seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Minutes: Gene moved to approve the minutes from October 5, 2017. Lin seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Fund authorization protocol (Don): First draft as presented is appended. Discussion concerning purchase orders or requisitions. Some thought this was a good procedure to follow for the future when there are more expenses; some thought was too time consuming. Don will continue to update.

SVED Summit and Woody Biomass Conference approvals: Cynda moved to approve the reimbursement of $135.00 costs to attend the summit and conference. Linnea seconded the motion. Motion carried.

IEDA Recap: Focus was on business recruitment. The remainder of the conference was also very beneficial (survey, soft skills, apprenticeships). Andrew presented ED Portal and will incorporate observations. Discussed J1 VISA Program potential in Valley County.

Summit Survey Debrief: People enjoyed the summit. Biggest percentage was workforce development, then housing and pathways. Need workforce development strategy that starts at high school level.

Annual meeting agenda/Strategic planning items: The annual meeting will be on December 7, at Midas Gold, from 10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m. The following are potential topics:

Rec District: next steps – Don gave Andrew a “how-to” binder.

Pathways: next steps


Workforce development

Regional marketing: health/economic data

Portal next steps

Funding goals/model

Housing policy: next steps – discussion about our level of participation/policy facing

Strategy 1 – JOBS

Labor micro grant update – major changes have occurred in the application for 3 CNAs, 1 paramedic at the fire stations and a PA-paramedic bridge at the Cascade Medical Center. This morphed from the apprenticeship program discussions in Cascade.

Strategy 2 – EDUCATION

MD District discussions on apprenticeship and local employers: Andrew is making in-roads with McCall. Cascade is successful.


Subcommittee updates: Monument Signs & Marketing – Cynda described the process, design, etc. (Cynda will maintain a working file.)

Broadband–Jim Pace discussion with Gene and Andrew: We have massive broadband issues. Should encourage Frontier, Cable One, etc. to step up to provide increased bandwidth. Discussed reliability of Wilderness Wireless and Hughes Net. We should have a “broadband” summit that includes industry and municipalities.

Strategy 4- PROSPERITY

Business engagement: confidential

Round Table, Upcoming Events & Public Comments

Next Meeting: December 7, 2017, 10:00 a.m., Donnelly, Idaho