West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2018, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Valley County Courthouse, Cascade, ID

Members in Attendance:  Sherry Maupin (President), Gene Tyler (Treasurer), Cynda Herrick (Secretary), Lin Davis, , Julie Crosby, Eric Borchers (telephonically), Don Bailey, and Andrew Mentzer (Executive Director).

Members Absent:  Linnea Hall, Blake Watson, Bill Willey, and Thom Sowers,

Guests:  Drew Dodson (Star News), Jenny Hemley, and Delta James

Maupin opened the meeting.

  • Housing Trust report – Andrew reported.
  • Treasurer’s report – Gene presented the Treasurer’s Report in the amount of $64,434.64. Lin moved to approve the report, Julie seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Approval of April minutes – Gene moved to approve the minutes as amended to add Don Bailey. Lin seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Fund authorization protocol finalization: Gene and Don – The council indicated changes. This will be a policy for operations not a governing document
  • IEDA recap – Andrew talked to author of 13 Ways to Kill a Community at the Burley conference. He would be a good speaker for the summit in October but he costs $7,500 plus travel. Andrew presented the ED Portal at the conference.
  • Economic Summit planning committee formation: The summit will be October 1. We need to form a committee to determine location, food, and sponsorship. Committee members will be Gene, Lin, Andrew, and Sherry. Lin commented that we should measure the outcome of impact. Andrew said it has been an agenda setting summit. Possible interest items would be: Youth, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community, Small Business Development, Year in Review, Non-profits.
  • Living with Fire debrief: Gene gave his opinion of the Living with Fire Presentation. Described it was broken into 3 segments: classroom, brainstorming, field work.
  • Insurance policy renewal approval: It will cost $1,201.00 for a new D&O insurance policy for next year. Don moved to approve and Lin seconded payment of the insurance. Motion carried.
  • Engaging youth: board access and program outreach – discussed whether board would consider adding high school students to participate as board members. There could potentially be a scholarship.
  • 2019 funding review: cities, county, industry, EDPro grant – county will give $20K, Midas $5K, Lin will go to Adams County, Linnea is asking New Meadows, Donnelly wants a request letter – applied for $1,500, Donnelly LOT, Donnelly Chamber $300, Cascade $1,000, Cascade Chamber $50, McCall Chamber TBD
  • Strategy 1 – JOBS

o Woody Biomass update – Julie Kies, Forest Service is creating woody biomass discussion. Ben Strauss is doing study for the move forward.

  • Strategy 2 – EDUCATION

o CTE/workforce development update: School districts, chambers, surveys and time frames – $9,000 Gap analysis, should know in a couple of weeks, or grant from Laura Moore Cunningham or Dept of Labor.


o ADV biking update – first pass of map done with final routes. Will then work on the website. Likely to come in at less than $3,000–Cascade Chamber, ITC Grant.

Andrew discussed his conversation with Bill Eddy concerning the possibility of putting a screen at NL sewer plant. He wanted approval to spend time on the project. He will apply for grants for Northlake improvements through USDA, Gem, etc. Cynda moved to approve Andrew spending time on this project. Gene seconded. Motion carried.

o Pathways feasibility study update – Should be done in July. It does not include New Meadows at this point.

o Monument sign update – New Meadows location possibilities are Circle C and Evergreen.

o Rec District update – very exciting group. Approximately 45 people at the first meeting; a survey was created and distributed. Will be on the May 2019 ballot.

o Broadband update – April 18 webinar. Andrew had a discussion with Mark Erickson – his brother lives in Cascade.

  • Round Table, Upcoming Events & Public Comments

Adjourn 6:00 p.m.