March 9, 2021
Executive Team Meeting: Jill Chapman, Dylan Martin, Julie Good, Nicole Musgrove, and Andrew Mentzer
Agenda Discussion: change the Early Childhood Discussion Item to an Action Item. Housing Beta Program: Andrew recommended that we do a survey of 2 nd homeowners prior to moving forward.
All agreed.

Early Childhood Contract: discussed recent legislative decisions and their impact on the anticipated, additional
funding. Individuals from the Board can make their concerns heard to their representatives but cannot advocate
on behalf of the EDC. Andrew has submitted a letter to the editor of the Star News outlining facts for the
upcoming agenda items and previous vote on the PDG. The cohort has completed interviews and have a
candidate chosen for the EC Program Manager position. This will be discussed and voted on during the Board

Andrew spoke on “Idaho Matters”, a program broadcasted on Boise State Public Radio, regarding the early
childhood initiative.

Regular Meeting-

In Attendance: Jill Chapman, Dylan Martin, Julie Good, Nicole Musgrove, Sherry Maupin, Cynda Herrick, Linnea
Hall, Judith Nissula, Vonna Torrey

Call to Order: Time- 3:03 PM MST, by Julie Good for Jill Chapman

Adopt Agenda: Motion: Nicole Musgrove 2 nd : Linnea Hall All in favor: Yes, All in favor
Additions? Change Early Childhood Discussion item to Action Item. Included in motion to accept the Minutes.
Changes? none

Approval of Minutes: Motion by: Sherry Maupin 2 nd : Dylan Martin All In favor: Yes, All in favor
Changes before adoption: none
Welcome Visitors/Guests:
Delta James, City of McCall
Tiffany Dobbs, St. Luke’s McCall

Community Reports:
Cascade: Report made by- Judith Nissula. City Council has passed the resolution to add the 1% LOT tax to the
May ballot. A marketing plan is being created to promote the initiative. A similar sized Idaho city near Lake Pend
Oreille has seen approx. $2M annually from their LOT. RFPs have been submitted for a code update, and chip
sealing. The Sports Park Committee is regrouping. Consideration is underway regarding cancellation of the 4 th of
July parade. WCM Leadership Academy made a presentation to Chamber regarding their Bike Fix-It Stations.
Several will be installed along the Strand.

Donnelly: Report made by- Andrew Mentzer. Tamarack has announced the SKY Pass which will be FREE to all K-
12 students in Valley County and Meadows Valley. Midas Gold is now Perpetua Resources. A developer is
working to build up to 4 units adjacent to the Ragazza di Bufalo site.

McCall: Report made by- Delta James. LOT receipts have been calculated through Feb 2021. Street LOT (1% Sales
Tax) is up 16% YTD. The Lodging LOT (3% bed tax) is up 35% YTD. Land use applications are up 60%. Building
permits are still lagging slightly. Could be delayed due to Covid and higher than avg snow fall.

New Meadows- Report made by- Julie Good. The City is undergoing a lot of changes. The City Clerk position is
vacant and a new hire in the Public Works Dept has been added. A new wellhouse is being built which will add
capacity for commercial and residential growth. Housing and broadband are the top priorities for the city.
Working with a local business to expand City parking in the afternoon and event hours when the business is
closed. The city will provide some snow removal in exchange for access. Looking for more options like this to
work with business in the future. Actively coordinating businesses with developers to work on housing stock.

Valley County: Report made by- Sherry Maupin. All numbers are up across the county. Recreation activity is up
30%. Snowmobile parking lots are very full. Actively pursuing solutions for expanded recreation parking in the
winter and summer. Working on plans for the fair and rodeo. Awaiting the IDL decisions regarding the land swap

Treasurer’s Report: Report made by- Julie Good. Julie recommended that the discussion for the Early Childhood
Ed contract stay in the 40k range for salary negotiations. Minimal activity in the expense category: Go Daddy and
Idaho Gives. Accounts receivable from the City of McCall and Valley County.
Motion by: Nicole Musgrove 2 nd : Cynda Herrick All in favor: Yes, all in favor

Recruitment Update:
Action Item- Early Childhood Ed Contract Position, a candidate has been identified following an interview
process by the taskforce. Two very qualified applicants were interviewed. One was more qualified in education
for elementary and secondary students. The candidate that will be extended an offer has an education and
experience focus in early childhood. Both candidates were local, full-time residents. Discussion regarding the
contract proceeded, including the potential revote in the State Legislature to approve the PDG funds. The
candidate is aware of the funding obstacles at the State level. Andrew will follow up with candidate’s references
and then proceed with the contract and salary negotiations delineated in the following motion:
Motion by: Cynda Herrick 2 nd : Judith Nissula All in favor: Yes, all in favor
Motion- Following confirmation of references, proceed with the creation of a contract for the selected candidate
for the Early Childhood Education Program Manager to include a timeframe of 10 months, with no implication of
an additional contract term and up to $41k in salary range. Contract will be reviewed by the organization’s
attorney prior to presentation to the candidate.

Update of McCall Contract:
The contract with the City of McCall has been fully executed and submitted on 3/7/2021. The EDC will make
quarterly reports to the staff and annual report to City Council. First report this year to Council will be on

Letter Requests:
No new requests.

Scenic Byways: A meeting will be held with Idaho Transportation Dept. Smith Ferry-Hwy 55 roadwork project
will start up on 3/15/21.

Idaho Gives:
A sub committee is being formed to create the marketing and social media plan for the Idaho Gives campaign. A
PR packet will be provided to the Board including letter templates, email scripts and other materials to promote
the fundraising efforts. Sherry Maupin and Nicole Musgrove will participate on the sub-committee with Andrew.
Andrew will send to all Board members for recruitment.

Lake Fork Lease/Insurance Update:
Valley County is offering lease of the Lake Fork facility at $1 per year. Liability insurance is required and the
quote is $548 per year. Currently there is no internet access at the building. The county’s network is not
available to outside organizations and hot spot would have to be used. Due to the cost and lack of use by the
current ED, a decision was made to table the discussion until April or May. The onboarding of a new ED will help
to quantify the decision based on what their work space needs will be.

IWCF- our application was not successful this year. Andrew spoke to Jen at IWCF who encouraged us to apply
again. The main factor in not approving the app was based on not having solid timing for the use of the funds. At
the time of application the Early Childhood Program Manager position was not created yet. She was supportive
of the effort and hopes to see our application again.

NP Grant Summit- Co-host a workshop this spring with NPS. Andrew is proposing that a Community Advisory
Team (CAT) be created specifically for the non-motorized and motorized trail groups and the EDC can act as an
mc for collaborative, quarterly meetings. It allows the EDC to stay engaged in the recreation conversations and
hand off some of the active implementation work to the CAT.

Education/Work Force Development:
BSU recruitment- Spring semester cohort will be in McCall this coming weekend for in person instruction. Active
recruitment for Fall students is underway.
AGC Training Update- Idaho State University is facilitating the Construction Combine, a two-day event of skill
building. The event location will be split between Builders First Source and Franklin Building Supply. The course
will include CPR/First Aid, OSHA10 Certification and soft skills training. This is a 30 day course for 18+ age group,
from April 28-May 20, on Thursday 4-6pm. Trainers are from various local businesses including Pinetop, energy
Seal, and University of Idaho Extension. This class is $500 value and is being offered for FREE because of Idaho
State University funds. Looking for candidates to participate.

Community Projects Infrastructure:
COVID Task Force- disease rates are continuing to decrease. In total, St. Luke’s has 5 Covid patients in beds
system wide. Local vaccine take rates are high: 16% have had their first shot, and 9% have had both. Five new
videos of personal vaccines stories will begin to be released via social media.

Creative District- The survey garnered approx. 160 responses. The Idaho Policy Institute and Idaho Commission
of the Arts are moving forward with next steps.

Broadband- Andrew is meeting with Entry Point Systems regarding a regional plan discussion.

Housing- Housing conversion model beta program
Andrew is creating a survey to distribute to 2 nd homeowners in a SWOT analysis format. After we have more
adequate data the Board will discuss next steps. Sherry mentioned that there are lot of conversations surrounding housing right now and optimistic that we will see movement in the next year.

Business Retention/Expansion:
There’s a lot of activity in all phases of the BRE. This is the metric that our relationship with the Idaho Dept of Commerce is based on.

Focus on Idaho Gives.

Roundtable, Upcoming Events, Public Comments:
Ponderosa Center Community Needs Survey Decision to continue Zoom meetings for the time being.
Andrew will be working remotely March 19-25 th.

Adjourned: Time- 4:26 PM MST.

Respectfully submitted,
Nicole Musgrove, Secretary WCMEDC