West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2020, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

CUB in McCall


Members in Attendance:  Dylan Martin (Vice-President), Cynda Herrick (Secretary), Sherry Maupin, Linnea Hall, Lindsay Harris, Nicole Musgrove (telephonically), Judy Nissula, Thom Sowers, and Andrew Mentzer (Executive Director).


Members Absent:  Julie Good (Treasurer), Jill Morris-Chapman (President), Gene Tyler, and Patty Wold.


  • Call to order


  • Adoption of agenda (ACTION ITEM): Linnea moved to approve the agenda, Sherry seconded, motion carried.


  • Approval of minutes (ACTION ITEM): Nicole moved to approve the minutes, Cynda seconded, motion carried.


  • Welcome visitors and guests: Jenny Henley, Dept. of Commerce; Delta James, McCall Economic DevelopmentDirector; and, Jon Umbdenstuck (New Meadows).


Andrew commented that Dept. of Commerce grants, broadband position, programming and coordination is in good shape. Jenny is in town to do community visits, efficiencies are the goal of Commerce Director Tom Kealey. Sherry recommended reaching out for federal dollars (Reconnect $) for broadband, depending on thresholds for service currently available. We’re working to push out awareness of the TestIt app from NACO to get folks to relay their internet speeds – it is on our webpage. Jenny will also be assisting with doing industry roundtables to identify collaboration opportunities for investment in Opportunity Zones.


  • Community reports: 

Cascade – continuing public hearing on River District; IRWA apprenticeship; don’t feed Big Game ordinance in April; Capital for a Day was a success.


Donnelly – Andrew and Jenny will be meeting with businesses in Donnelly.


McCall – Look for library vote on the bond; environmental advisory board is on pause; Tony Tenne from Dept. of Commerce came to town and getting new street lights; Idaho Commission of the Arts has identified our area as a planning region (cultural area approach); Nicole and Andrew have participated – 191 non-profits; chamber is trying to stimulate green business; chamber is sponsoring the Confluence Summit (training).


New Meadows – 3 entry signs on move for City of New Meadows; school is great; spring flowers going in; has MOU from Mac for WCMEDC to be a grant writer for the connection of the Weiser River Trail; forest service is evaluating trails.


Valley County – opioid response group has kicked off; waterways ordinance is being headed up by Dave and Mike, they are working with McCall and other communities on scientific approach; need to start promoting fair in the northern part of Valley County; still have participation forest coalitions; continuing to have a road discussion; discussed HB409; push out that there is funding for community colleges; have issues with the courthouse, need to think of expansion (Delta identified some potential funding sources); went to NACO in Washington DC; discussed resiliency project, on-line programming for regional community.


  • Treasurer’s report (ACTION ITEM): Sherry moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Lindsay seconded, motion carried.


  • Letters/requests (ACTION ITEMS)

o PTAC (ITD) letter of support for Sherry to be on their transportation board: Lindsay moved to write a letter to support Sherry’s participation, Linnea seconded, motion carried.


  • Scenic Byways update (DISCUSSION):  meeting on April 24 in this region; Andrew will create the agenda and add community recommendation; Delta is drafting a “reach out” protocol to/for communities.


  • Grants (open/future)

o EDPro (DISCUSSION) – working through this, will draft with the county as soon as it is released


o Idaho Women’s Charitable Fund–TBD 2020 (DISCUSSION) – there is a November deadline.


o EDA disaster funds–Cascade and Valley Co. (DISCUSSION) – $3-$4 million potentially available; trying to fix Abstein bridge in Yellow Pine; Cascade is doing stormwater management plan.


  • Recreation/Pathways

o Weiser River Trail: New Meadows grant administration, due March 29–USDA/GEM (DISCUSSION) – working on the grant with Friends of the Weiser River Trail


o Packer John revitalization (DISCUSSION) – will meet with Linnea–need to get going once the snow clears.


o NPS recreational/trails assistance workshop April 22 (DISCUSSION) – will be at the Salmon River Brewery, approved up to $200.


  • Education and workforce development:

o Cascade SBA training April 21 (DISCUSSION) – 3 people signed up; need better engagement; Topics include Business Planning 101 and How to Run a Seasonal Business.


o Construction Pre-Apprenticeship with AGC–funding options (DISCUSSION) –currently budgeted for but we haven’t launched the registration yet, waiting in insurance – Local HVAC company is offering a 6 year program after completion, training and pay


o Culinary Pre-Apprenticeship in Cascade–funding options (DISCUSSION) – the culinary in Cascade – need 6 to 7 people, it is $80, age of 16+–working with school and chamber to get the word out. 


o Update on BSU meetings/game plan (DISCUSSION)–Should have game plan in place in the next few weeks for curriculum


  • Community Projects/Infrastructure

o Recycling update–outreach and reusable bags (DISCUSSION) – looking for a partner for bag creation opportunities.


o Monument signs update (DISCUSSION) – after scenic byway meeting


o Cascade seasonal wayfinding update (DISCUSSION) – Andrew will reach out to the group to try to get things moving again. 


  • Business retention and expansion (DISCUSSION) – making official visits with Jenny tomorrow. 


o Business outreach update–7 BRE/entrepreneur visits – Andrew has a series of meetings set for 3/11.


  • Economic Summit update (DISCUSSION) – Nothing new.


  • Marketing (DISCUSSION) – Outreach plan.


o Handed out new outreach collateral–folks can now perform outreach as needed


o New website format – Andrew spent a couple of days clearing up our website.


  • Round Table, Upcoming Events & Public Comments

o BSU is going to hire a part time admin for local programming. Maybe WCMEDC could work towards filling a .5 FTE position in the future as we grow (split position?) – half time to administer extended studies, need a job description before we can start moving in this direction. 


Discussed funding of ED Professional.


Adjourn: Sherry moved to adjourn, Cynda seconded, motion carried.