West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2018, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

McCall, ID

Members in Attendance:  Sherry Maupin (President), Gene Tyler (Treasurer), Cynda Herrick (Secretary), Lin Davis, Don Bailey, Bill Willey, Linnea Hall, Blake Watson, and Andrew Mentzer (Executive Director).

Members Absent:  Julie Crosby, Eric Borchers, and Thom Sowers,

Guests:  Delta James, Anette Spickard, and Shane Wilson

Maupin opened the meeting.

Gene moved to appoint Sherry as a member at large and reaffirm her as the President. Lin seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Shane Wilson is preparing the pathway feasibility study. He talked to his plan, challenges, and associations with other groups. He believes this is a natural area to do what he designs.

Anette Spickard introduced herself.

  • Housing Trust report–July 24th deadline for 501(c)3

Andrew informed us that he has been trying to get clarity regarding time frames for the Housing Trust’s 501c3 filing. They have submitted papers for the 501(c)3. Andrew recommends the board consider consulting legal for advice if they miss the July 24th deadline. Chance phoned in and he updated us on the status of the filing. IRS needs additional information and he does not know how long it will take. They continue to work on housing in New Meadows. Discussion ensued about Housing Trust filing a separate tax filing. More information to follow, but Housing Trust agreed to separate efforts entirely but continue to work together wherever relevant/possible.

  • Treasurer’s report

Discussed the IRS tax return. Presented the financial report. Lin moved to approve the ADV biking payment for $375.00. Cynda seconded. Motion carried.

Discussed the play to stay program and the push to the San Francisco and Seattle markets. Has submitted for $1,000 grant from the McCall Chamber for marketing that will be reimbursed after September. Also $3,000 from McCall Chamber for immediate use (August campaign). Don moved to approve. Lin seconded. Motion carried.

Valley County extension asked for up to $200.00 for branding for the WCM Food Coalition. Don moved to approve. Gene seconded. Motion carried.

Dept. of Labor Grant payments for 2 CNA and Paramedic to Marceen Price ($945.98), Cascade Rural Fire ($7533.08), and Jodi Wise ($520.84). Cynda moved to approve. Don seconded. Motion carried.

GoDaddy was paid $74.99.

Hand Made Designs for water trail website is $165.00.

  • Approval of June minutes

Don moved to approve with correction. Lin seconded. Motion carried.

  • Marketing update: social media posts and video production

Pushing out 3 ads and tracking metrics on portal. Will work with Delta on video production. Lin recommends we work to create a pool of videos.

  • Teleworker marketing through chamber

Authorized $3,000 for August and $1,000 for September to woo San Francisco and Seattle markets.

  • Economic Summit planning committee update

Have solidified Shore Lodge from 9 to 3. Will serve coffee, water and lunch for $6,500. Need 150 participants. Described sponsorship including students.

  • Julie Good from Meadows Valley, participation with EDC, hosting meetings in New Meadows, fundraising

Discussed meeting in New Meadows every 4th meeting. Will meet there too. Lin moved to amend the bylaws to put New Meadows into the rotation. Agreed. Andrew will now go to Adams County.

  • Housing Forum update, August 13th in McCall, Impact investing and project pipelines

Andrew updated on the housing forum.

Don moved to approve the Budgeting and Expenditures Policy and Procedures. Blake seconded. Motion carried.

  • Funding asks: industry outreach plan

Received $27,500 from $32,000 ask for grant from the Dept. of Commerce. Need to work on dollars from industries to fund Andrew as an employee.

  • Strategy 1 – JOBS

o Woody Biomass update: Andrew is working with Ben Strauss and Doug Miller for funding and planning of this project.

  • Strategy 2 – EDUCATION

o CTE/workforce development update: Gap surveys in August and September: BSU is creating surveys for the Gap Analysis (via the Idaho Policy Institute). To be distributed in August and September.


o Monument sign update: Lin will speak with Circle C.

o Rec District update: July 9th meeting – beginning petition ballot for signatures.

o Broadband update: Mark Ericksen plan of action–GEM grant – meeting set for August. Discussed various funding options. A feasibility of $75K – Dept of Commerce grant might be available.

o Northlake Sewer upgrade update–GEM grant, other resources needed (USDA-RD), waiting on pricing.

  • Strategy 4- PROSPERITY
  • Round Table, Upcoming Events & Public Comments

Adjourn 6:00 p.m.