February 9, 2021

Executive Team Meeting:

Andrew Mentzer, Jill Chapman, Nicole Musgrove , Julie Good and Dylan Martin 

Proposed job description and salary range for the early childhood program will be an annual scope of work position for $50-60k, to be negotiated based on experience. Add to board agenda

Exec Director job description and salary range of $60-70k, to be negotiated based on experience. Add to Board agenda.

In Attendance: Jill Chapman, Nicole Musgrove , Julie Good, Dylan Martin, Cynda Herrick, Judith Nissula, Linnea Hall, Sherry Maupin and Andrew Mentzer

Call to Order: Time- 3:02pm

Adopt Agenda: Motion: Julie Good 2nd: Dylan Martin All in favor: Yes, all

Additions? Accept Cami’s resignation and Melanie Holmes in her stead as city of McCall rep

Changes? Early Childhood item changed to an adoption item instead of discussion.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by: Dylan Martin 2nd: Linnea Hall

Changes before adoption: as presented All In favor: Yes, all 

Welcome Visitors/Guests:

Delta James- City of McCall, Melanie Holmes- City of McCall, Jenny Hemly- Id Dept of Commerce

Community Reports:

Cascade: Report made by- Judith Nissula. City Council has updated vendor ordinance, business license refinement, and is attempting to pass a LOT tax resolution in May election. True Value Hardware has opened. D9 addition of an upgraded beer cooler is complete. Library and City Hall are open to the pubic via appointment only. Administered 500 vaccinations last week. 

Donnelly: Report made by- No Report

McCall: Report made by- Delta James. Business licenses are down over 2020, specifically in short term rentals and personal care services. LOT is 40% higher over 2020 at this time. Streets LOT, 1% tax is up 16% over last year. Building permits are down to 2019 levels, but could be a delay and not a long term situation. LOT Tax Grant program application deadline is in April. Library has been approved to go out again for their bond on the May ballot. Public art project to reinstall the old mill whistle is underway. Surveying the public about timing of when it should be blown. Additional public art installation is for downtown core with the Laidlaws heading it up. 

New MeadowsReport made by– Julie Good. Looking at parking in downtown New Meadows. City Council has declared broadband an essential utility. Hiring for a public works department position. 

Valley County: Report made by- Cynda Herrick. Logan Simpson, consultants, have received the contract to begin the waterways plan. Building permits are up this year over last. Parking and traffic problems related to winter recreation visitors, specifically snowmobiles and the associated trailers. Could be a good time to revive conversations with Mountain Community Transit to help alleviate parking concerns in and around snowmobile parking areas. 

Treasurer’s Report: Report made by-Julie Good. 

Motion to move the remaining $17k from the Early Childhood Assistant position over to the Executive Director fund. 

Motion by: Cynda Herrick 2nd: Dylan Martin All in Favor: Yes, all.  

Point of reference, the fund still contains $42k to fund upcoming Early Childhood Coordinator position that has been approved. Additional funds forthcoming in June. 

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented.

Motion by: Cynda Herrick 2nd: Dylan Martin All in favor: Yes, all

Update/Approval McCall Contract Discussion: 

The executive board and Andrew are in discussion with representatives from the City of McCall to create a mutually beneficial contract scenario that does not tie the EDC to specific deliverables beyond the scope of the annual work plan. Work is being done to create a relationship agreement that elevates the particulars of the EDC’s annual work plan, with details about how the focus from those items will impact the City of McCall. Andrew and Delta have plans to meet on 2/10 to discuss specifics and will report back. 

Idaho Gives Authorization: 

Registration is $50 and closes on March 15th. Opportunity for promotion of the organization and fundraising. Strong social media presence and board support are necessary to make this successful. 

Motion to participate in 2021 Idaho Gives.

Motion by: Sherry Maupin 2nd: Melanie Holmes All in Favor: Yes, all

Signing of Lake Fork Contract: 

Sherry indicated that new County attorney will be working to create the contract. The county will be providing the space FREE of charge. A questions was raised about whether a liability insurance policy will be required. Sherry will get back with an answer on that. 

Contract forthcoming and may be sent out for electronic vote. 

ED Job Description and Hiring Process:

Job description was sent for review prior to the meeting. Julie let us know that the budget from this year for the position was $63,700 and that the additional $17k from the Early Childhood position will ensure we can meet the proposed salary range. Exec Committee recommended a salary range of $60-70k.

Motion to accept the job description, salary range, and begin deployment of notification for applicants. 

Motion by: Dylan Martin 2nd: Cynda Herrick All in Favor: Yes, all

Early Childhood Job Description and Hiring Process:

Executive Committee recommended a salary range of $50-60k for an annual scope of work contract position. The job description was sent out for review prior to the meeting. We have $42k in the budget to begin the search and hire someone. An additional $70k is due from the grant program in June, with an additional year of funding to follow. 

Motion to accept the job description, salary range and begin deployment of notification for applicants. 

Motion by: Cynda Herrick 2nd: Nicole Musgrove All in favor: Yes, all

Letter Requests: 

letter re: executive powers

No new requests. Reviewed a previously submitted letter of support for the Governor’s position on the executive powers matter to the Governor’s office, Reps Gestrin and Moon, also to Senator Thayn’s office. This letter was also sent by other EDOs in the state. 

Scenic By Ways: 

Upcoming Board meeting on 2/18. Agenda includes management plans, signage and a Smith’s Ferry project update. Cynda submitted an agenda addition during the discussion. 


EdPro Grant-The report for the 2nd half of 2020 has been submitted and makes us fully compliant in our Ed Pro grant. Upcoming May application period and approval in June for the next year’s funding. Jenny Hemly reported that changes are being reviewed for the next fiscal year including simplifying the grading process and the application to align with the updated work plan from 2020. They are considering a two year application and funding, also. 

St. Luke’s request- The Covid Taskforce has been approved by the St. Luke’s Foundation to receive a $2,200 grant to cover costs associated with the next video series on the topic of vaccine encouragement. This will be the 4th video in the series that that taskforce has produced. The videos continue to get great viewership and website traffic. 


NP grant update- Meeting on 2/16 for scoping of the technical assistance grant. CIMBA, Steve Stuebner and Andrew will participate. Working toward the date and agenda for a 3-4 hour workshop in April. 

Education/Work Force Development:

BSU recruitment- Good recruitment forecast for additional participants. Good interaction with the school districts. 

AGC Training Update- Regrouping with the organizers and mentors for the program. This cohort will include Matt Bennett for the technical training side and Melissa Hamilton from U of I Extension Office for the soft skills portion.

Community Projects Infrastructure:

COVID Task Force- Meeting every other week. Working on the video series. Infections are decreasing. 

Creative District- The survey for Count Yourself Creative has been deployed through multiple channels to create a regional asset inventory. 

Broadband- Andrew will be presenting on this topic at the Idaho Peer Learning Network. CEDA broadband planning is still ongoing. Andrew is working with other rural partners due to potential $38M from state funding. 

Housing- Andrew is presenting at the Rocky Mountain Housing Conference on 3/5 on the conversion model and its benefits. 

Business Retention/Expansion:

Significant uptick in meetings over the last 30+ days, 8-9 BRE meetings. A lot of new development that is past the planning point and into deployment. 


Idaho Gives focus. 

Roundtable, Upcoming Events, Public Comments:

Adjourned: 4:17 pm


Respectfully submitted by Nicole Musgrove, Secretary 

West Central Mountains Economic Development Council