West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2019, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

New Meadows Library


Members in Attendance:  Sherry Maupin (President), Cynda Herrick (Secretary, VP), Julie Good (Treasurer), Nicole Musgrove, Patty Wold, Linnea Hall, Dave Bingaman, Heather Soelberg, and Andrew Mentzer (Executive Director).

Members Absent:  Eric Borchers, Gene Tyler, Blake Watson, Lindsay Harris/Jill Chapman, and Thom Sowers.


Guests:  Matt Kaisermann (St. Lukes’s Operations Director), Laura Crawford (St. Lukes), and Tom Reinhardt (CEO Cascade Medical Center).


Sherry opened the meeting.


St. Luke’s new facility presentation (30 minutes): Matt Kaisermann and Laura Crawford presented the project scope for the new St. Luke’s facility in McCall. A site plan, elevations and design were shown. The final approval needed is the McCall City Council. The project is fully funded for $40M.


Patty Wold Chamber reappointment, etc.: Nicole moved to reappoint Patty Wold as the Cascade Chamber representative. Julie seconded the motion. Motion carried. Julie moved to accept Heather Soelberg as the Cascade representative. Patty seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s report: Julie presented the profit/loss statement for all of 2018 and for January 2019. Cynda moved to accept the report. Linnea seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Approval of Jan. minutes: Linnea moved to accept the January 2019 minutes as presented. Nicole seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Legislative/lobbying agenda for the year within 501(c)3 allowances: Will channel our conversations through Idaho Dept. of Commerce. Last year we advocated for broadband and state’s housing trust fund through partner agencies. Sherry would like to send letter of support for housing trust fund, if there is an opportunity. Tom commented on Proposition 2 support for Medicaid – will receive $180M with an output of $20M in 2020.


Training options for the year and Idaho Power grant ($750):

o NWCDI – Cynda commented that Andrew could teach these classes.

o APA – in April

o PMP – Project Management Professional – will see if it meets the requirements of the Dept. of Commerce

o CEcD – a national certification

o Mainstreet – Downtown Revitalization

o AEDO – national org. cert.

  • Julie moved to allow Andrew to write an additional grant to Idaho Power to fund more training. Linnea seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Articles/bylaws update/adoption of redlines: Sherry presented discussion on including Adams County as an Article 5 director. At this time, we should create partnerships wherever possible but bandwidth outside of the current footprint should be closely considered. Julie moved to approve the indicated changes to the bylaws along with the Articles of Incorporation. Nicole seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Budget review/approval with reallocations of ABC and ledger funds:  Sherry presented the budget. Increase education by $750, put $1,570 back into water trail expenditure, add to the contingency with the remainder and keep reserve at $30K. Cynda moved to approve, Linnea seconded, motion carried.


Ponderosa Center $1,000 research request: Accounted for in budget, but not needed due to scope change in the economic impact study.


$4,500 Ben Stauss payment approval: Julie moved to approve payment from the Wood Biomass study, Patty seconded. Motion carried.


Opportunity Zone training ad Star News $165: Jerry Miller is presenting in McCall on February 25. Opportunity zones are understood to be locked in until 2026.


Strategy 1 – JOBS

o Woody Biomass update: Final report to county commissioners in February or March, pending feedback from stakeholders.


Strategy 2 – EDUCATION

o Culinary apprenticeships – met with Melissa Hamilton to discuss session with culinary arts training in some of our restaurants and training to receive a food handler’s certificate from Central District Health or similar.    


o BSU grad students – 3 MPA students are doing a 2.0 of the Gap Analysis, the next step.



o Northlake Sewer upgrade update GEM grant: Travis said they are meeting at the end of February. Have commitment of $35K from Valley County and applying for $50K from a GEM grant.


o Yellowpine water GEM grant: $39,500 for water upgrade. Need letter of commitment from Midas Gold and a budget from Yellow Pine.


Strategy 4- PROSPERITY

o Business engagement:


Other matters:


  • EDA grants – potential for geothermal. Met with Shauna, Patty, and Laura–possible grant match for the ADV biking.
  • Need committee for Summit: Nicole, Julie, Sherry, Patty.
  • Pathway potential in New Meadows coming over from Brundage and hopefully connect to the Weiser Trail.
  • Formal approval of Dave Bingaman to WCMEDC: Motion by Julie to approve, second by Nicole. Motion carried.


Round Table, Upcoming Events & Public Comments