West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Meeting Minutes (ANNUAL MEETING)

December 8, 2020, 11:00 am to 3 pm



Members in Attendance:  Jill Chapman (President), Dylan Martin (Vice-President), Julie Good (Treasurer), Cynda Herrick (Secretary), Sherry Maupin, Gene Tyler, Linnea Hall, Judith Nissula Lindsay Harris, Nicole Musgrove, and Andrew Mentzer (Executive Director). 


Members Absent:  Patty Wold


Gene moved to approve the agenda as presented. Nicole seconded, motion carried.


11am – 11:15am: Introductions and year recap 


Guests: Jerry Miller , Jenny Hemly, Peter Reese (BSU), Rebecca Morgan (BSU), and Sean Hunter (BUS).


Recap of 2020: Andrew is resigning after his contract expires on June 30, 2020. He would like to stay on as a member of the board and will present his transition plan.


Have received and submitted a number of grants for current programs totaling approximately $228,000 (including partner grants): infrastructure, broadband, county, ED Pro, and feasibility grant for Weiser Trail.


Completed the Housing analysis, updated the housing plan, determined that approximately 12.5% of households can afford to buy a home, and determined there are substantial affordability issues.


Creative District: Working with regional partners and the Idaho Commission for the Arts on establishing the first creative district in the state.


Other areas where WCMEDC participated/saw wins in 2020:

  • Civic campus analysis
  • Recycling
  • LHTAC transportation committee
  • Bus kiosk – wrapped this up from the ABC endeavor
  • Singletrack Sidewalks ordinance
  • Donnelly Flyway
  • National Park grant for technical assistance that we will work on in 2021
  • Workforce Development (BSU programs)
  • Culinary and Pre-Apprenticeship moved to 2021
  • Covid Task Force
  • Community Training
  • Economic Development District
  • Met with over 100 Businesses
  • Housing and Economic Development
  • Signage Inventory with ITD
  • Recommended Requirements along the Scenic Byway
  • Needs Assessment for Early Education and strategic action plan


Board Training: Jerry Miller, Idaho Commerce–board role and responsibilities training 


Jerry Miller did a training for the WCMEDC board on Board responsibilities, individual responsibilities, etc. The handout is attached/available upon request.


Board elections:


  • President nominations and vote (ACTION ITEM) Sherry moved to appoint Jill Mossir-Chapman, Cynda seconded, motion carried.


  • VP nominations and vote (ACTION ITEM) Sherry moved to appoint Dylan Martin, Nicole seconded, motion carried.


  • Secretary nominations and vote (ACTION ITEM) Cynda declined another term. Jill moved to appoint Nicole, Dylan seconded, motion carried.


  • Treasurer nominations and vote (ACTION ITEM) Sherry moved to appoint Julie Good, Nicole seconded, Motion carried.


Break for lunch: 


BSU Update on the Community Impact Program (while lunching) 


Peter presented the BSU update. They just finished the first semester. Sean Hunter will discuss entrepreneurial startups at an upcoming recap and Rebecca is now the point of contact for new student alongside Brian O’Rourke. 


Demographics:  5 students participated, 3 women, 2 men, 19-30 years old. 28.6% increase in students attending BSU.


Scholarships: $50K, will have $17.5 left over this year.


Retention: will retain all 5 students into spring and summer semesters.


Leveraged Opportunities – BSU has applied for additional program oriented grants.


Peter discussed the Community Impact Program’s future and some changes in the curriculum and delivery (more open-ended options for students). 


Rebecca Morgan questioned how we connect with people and future students.


Elevator Pitch: to allow people to pursue a degree while staying at home; this program brings a level of support to students.


They need to re-engage with seniors at the high school. The program in other communities has been mostly targeted to adult learners.


Regular monthly business agenda: 


  • Treasurer’s report (ACTION ITEM) Gene moved to approve, Dylan seconded, motion carried.


  • Approval of Nov. minutes (ACTION ITEM) Julie moved to approve November minutes, Gene seconded, motion carried.


Julie moved to approve Oct. 29 minutes, Dylan seconded, motion carried.


  • Community reports: 


Cascade – Judy presented. Status quo, town is busy, Tru Value is close to moving into a new facility, D9 is close to completing their expansion, going good in spite of events and regrouping at City Hall. 


Donnelly – Gene presented. Hungry Bear is open again, Subway has closed, Christmas is cancelled, Tamarack is complying with Covid restrictions.


McCall – Lindsay presented: Winter Carnival is canceled by a vote of 64% of locals, businesses are in favor, employee is leaving, Lindsay is resigning from EDC Board to be replaced by a person from the chamber board, St. Lukes had a mental health day.


New Meadows – Julie presented: They are drilling wells, have canceled events, and are in discussions with area partners on a broadband plan.


Valley County – Sherry presented: The county is making progress on local housing and is challenged with soil types, not good. Focused on broadband, Elt is doing CDH, already under a mask mandate.


Strategic plan review and work session:


Work plan for Andrew for next 6 months: broadband, housing & accessibility, recreation/pathways, early childhood development, economic summit, scenic byways, creative district, sewer projects–Andrew has crafted a proposal to ensure continuity for his successor and to make sure resources are available for area partners to make sure projects can move forward.


Wish list: advocacy/education for business owners alongside chamber partners, establish a builder’s association, establish a technical school or central CTE facility, set up a series of summits for regional communication: housing, sewer/septic, broadband/infrastructure. The board would like to explore setting up a physical office with the county and potentially hiring someone to do fundraising.


Andrew presented information about a draft contract with the City of McCall for 2021. The board would like to see this plan at the January meeting and explore the funding structure more thoroughly.


The board would like to have a visioning meeting around the 2021 work plan and budget before approving at the January meeting. 


3:00pm: Nicole moved to adjourn, Lindsay seconded, motion carried.