West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Meeting Minutes

April 5, 2018, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Idaho First Bank, McCall, ID



Members in Attendance:  Sherry Maupin (President) (telephonically), Gene Tyler (Treasurer), Cynda Herrick (Secretary), Lin Davis, Linnea Hall, Julie Crosby, Blake Watson, Bill Willey, Don Bailey and Andrew Mentzer (Executive Director).
Members Absent:  Eric Borchers, Thom Sowers


Guests:  Bobbi Patterson and Bill Batten


Herrick opened the meeting.


Housing Trust report: Andrew reached out on three different occasions and received no response.


Treasurer’s report: Discussion concerning the fire department expenditures and paramedic training payments in Cascade. Lin moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Bill seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Approval of March minutes (proxy vote): Gene moved to approve the consent agenda as prepared by Andrew. Lin seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Fund authorization protocol: Don presented. Gene thinks it is appropriate, but would like it fine tuned. Gene has volunteered to assist in formatting. Back for decision at May meeting.


5th of July meeting rescheduling: Andrew will do a doodle poll to see if the meeting should be rescheduled.


Scotty D. resignation: Gene moved to accept Scotty Davenport’s resignation. Blake seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Sherry appointment revision, chamber replacement: Sherry’s term expires on the McCall Chamber on July 1, but she wants to continue on the council as an at large member. Andrew will send notice to the McCall chamber.


ED District discussion: should Andrew allocate time to participate in formation of new district? Discussion ensued concerning the Idaho Dept. of Commerce request for feedback concerning the establishment of a new ED region 3 District in a manner similar to what was formerly Sage and ICOG. It would costs about $50K to $250K depending upon who you talk to – the counties would likely be asked to participate. Gene is concerned with the number of hands in the pot. Don, Blake and Sherry agree. Linnea moved to allow Andrew to participate in the conversations so that we can be aware of what is happening. Lin seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Andrew’s participation on Community Foundation Board: advisor or member? Andrew explained the West Central Mountains Community Foundation. The Foundation received notice of their 501(c)3 status. Don moved to approve Andrew to participate in an advisory role, stepping down as a formal board member. Blake seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Regional sewer discussion: Donnelly project and regional capacity issues… Andrew described Bill Rhoads situation. After discussion the council requested Andrew write three letters: one to Valley County concerning the permits, one to CDHD about septic approval, and then reach out to Northlake about what we can do to assist in making improvements to allow for pumper dumping at the Donnelly membrane plant.


Training authorization: NACo Conference and IEDA (+travel). Andrew described the Idaho Economic Development conference that will take place in Burley on April 25 and 26. Blake moved to authorize use of debit card to make reservations. Gene seconded the motion. Motion carried. Andrew stated he most likely will not attend the NACo conference in Sun Valley – it is spendy.


2019 funding request amounts: Valley County (April 16th), cities, chambers, industry. Andrew stated he has received the information on the ED Pro authorization of grant. The match this year will be $18,000. We should decide what our ask will be for each of the communities. Will need to talk to Sherry about asking the communities. Gene will ask Donnelly & chamber, Julie will ask Cascade for $1,000, and Sherry & Andrew are going to the VC Commissioners on April 16. Reminded all to try to get committal letters from each community.


Letters of Support for ED: Andrew asked for letters of support for the wedding venue being proposed in the McCall area. Lin moved to approve a letters of support. Andrew seconded the motion. Motion carried. Bill and Cynda abstained.


Strategy 1 – JOBS

  • Update on the CNA training in Cascade. Gene moved to approve up to $1,498 for Brianna Price funding. Linnea seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Woody Biomass update: Ben Strauss contractor: Lin volunteered to assist Ben. Andrew will get VC Commissioners to allow transfer of grant dollars. Don moved to approve transfer. Lin seconded the motion. Motion carried. Bill abstained.


  • Strategy 2 – EDUCATION
    • CTE/workforce development update: School districts, chambers, surveys and time frames. There is momentum with the GAP analysis. May be able to get $15K match from the Laura Cunningham Foundation.


  • Economic Summit: do we combine with youth outreach/apprenticeship fair? Yes, and combine with the GAP analysis.


  • Net Neutrality letter update. Issue went to Crapo office. Idaho Public Utilities Commission was encouraged.


    • ADV biking update: GIS contractor and website, PR and marketing approvals through Cascade Chamber–need approvals for contractor pay (reimbursement). Will launch. Mapp Consulting will build GIS asset. There will be a travel council reimbursement.


  • Pathways feasibility study update: IMBA, GIS and MCAR–need to authorize $1,500 to MCAR. Don moved to authorize a $1,500 payment. Lin seconded the motion. Motion carried.


  • Opportunity Zones update: Commerce & Valley County. A census tract north of the Donnelly area and south of McCall was nominated by Commerce and the governor.


  • Monument sign update. Nothing new.


  • Rec District update. Meetings are occurring. Next meeting is April 23.


  • Strategy 4- PROSPERITY
    • Business engagement:


Adjourn 6:00 p.m.