West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Monthly Meeting: Tuesday June 8th, 2021

Location: Ragazza di Bufalo, Donnelly

Time- 3:00 – 5:00pm

Agenda ads: TBD

  • Executive team meeting, open at 2:30pm
    • Signing of checks for previously approved items (can be done by Jill and Andrew ahead of time)
    • Agenda discussion
    • Mid-month special session recap
    • Executive session closed if needed
  • Call to order, regular meeting, 3pm
  • Adoption of agenda (ACTION ITEM)  
  • Approval of minutes (ACTION ITEM)  
  • Welcome visitors and guests
  • Community reports: Cascade, Donnelly, McCall, New Meadows, Valley County (DISCUSSION)
  • Treasurer’s report (ACTION ITEM)
    • Invoices/thank you’s for the month 
  • Transition update (ED) DISCUSSION
  • Q2 report approval (ACTION ITEM)
  • Contracted positions (ACTION ITEMS)
  • Updated bylaws confirmation (ACTION ITEM)
  • Letters/requests (ACTION ITEMS)
    • McCall Deinhard/ITD letter
  • Early Childhood update (DISCUSSION)
    • Stibnite Foundation grant request (ACTION ITEM–PROXY VOTE FROM MAY)
  • Housing position update (ACTION ITEM)
  • Scenic Byways update (ACTION ITEM)
    • Review of MOU and expansion of committee
  • Summit Planning (DISCUSSION) 
  • Grants (open/future DISCUSSION)
    • Commerce EDPro grant update (DISCUSSION)
  • Recreation/Pathways
    • National Parks Pathways Collab update (DISCUSSION)
  • Education and workforce development (DISCUSSION)
    • AGC Playbook update
  • Community Projects/Infrastructure
    • Coronavirus task force update (DISCUSSION)
    • Creative District update (DISCUSSION)
    • Broadband update (DISCUSSION)
    • Housing update (DISCUSSION)
    • Housing policy letter to Governor (ACTION ITEM–PROXY STARTED BUT FINAL VOTE NEEDED)
  • Business retention and expansion (DISCUSSION)
  • Marketing/fundraising update (DISCUSSION)
  • Round Table, Upcoming Events & Public Comments