West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

Monthly Meeting: April 5, 2018

Location: McCall, Idaho First Bank

Time- 4:00- 6:00pm

Agenda: Welcome visitors & guests

  • Housing Trust report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Approval of March minutes (proxy vote)
  • Fund authorization protocol: Don
  • 5th of July meeting rescheduling
  • TBD board resignation
  • Sherry appointment revision, chamber replacement
  • ED District discussion: should Andrew allocate time to participate in formation of new district?
  • Andrew’s participation on Community Foundation Board: advisor or member?
  • Regional sewer discussion: Donnelly project and regional capacity issues
  • Training authorization: NACo Conference and IEDA (+travel)
  • 2019 funding request amounts: Valley County (April 16th), cities, chambers, industry
  • Strategy 1 – JOBS
    • Woody Biomass update: Ben Strauss contractor
  • Strategy 2 – EDUCATION
    • CTE/workforce development update: School districts, chambers, surveys and time frames
    • Economic Summit: do we combine with youth outreach/apprenticeship fair?
    • Net Neutrality letter update
    • ADV biking update: GIS contractor and website, PR and marketing approvals through Cascade Chamber–need approvals for contractor pay (reimbursement)
    • Pathways feasibility study update: IMBA, GIS and MCAR–need to authorize $1,500 to MCAR
    • Opportunity Zones update: Commerce & Valley County
    • Monument sign update
    • Rec District update
  • Strategy 4- PROSPERITY
    • Business engagement: BLANK for proprietary reasons 
  • Round Table, Upcoming Events & Public Comments