BOARD MINUTES August 9, 2022

      Call to order 3:00 pm, quorum met


Lindsey Harris; Jill Morris Chapman; Julie Good; Sherry Maupin; Vonna Torrey; Cynda Herrick; Darcie Lacroix, Linnea Hall; Dylan Martin; Delta James; Tiffany Dobbs; Judith Nissula; Belinda Provancher; Rachel Wessel

Guests:  Melissa Hamilton & Kim Glineski

Approval of agenda 

  • Jill moved to approve 
  • Judy 2nd
  • Motion passed

Minutes review 

  • Cynda moved to approve.
  • Belinda 2nd
  • Motion passed 

Treasurer’s Report

  • Jill moved to approve
  • Judy 2nd
  • Approval of Shore Lodge 2022 Summit Deposit in the amount of $1,000 to hold the room. 
  • Julie moved to approve
  • Jill 2nd


Community Reports


  • Passed the 22- 23 Budget
  • Geothermal Alternate energy financing has been resurrected; application due 10/11 for funding analysis –  Heating and Cooling District. 
  • Water facilities needs have been determined 3-4M of improvements, anticipating a bond request


  • Huck Fest – in the process, up next, 63 vendors on-board, parade etc… 


  • Library Kick off demo event next week 4-6 Wednesday 17th, band
  • Composting turned out to be a bit more expensive than anticipated, and not enough staff to take on the pick up and transportation of the food waste.  Not quite ready, but not giving up on the idea. 
  • Widening and sidewalk of Thompson Avenue from My Father’s Place to the connection.  Road improvements. 
  • BrewFest August 20th.

New Meadows

  • 1.8M grant for DEQ to finish the water project, huge windfall – new tank and new well etc…   
  • Flashing speed limit signs will be going in soon
  • Flashing crosswalk sign for students
  • City Council, approved addition of trees and sitting areas in the park.
  • City Council is considering a comprehensive financial plan. 

Valley County

  • Budget workshop is scheduled for 8/29
  • Building a new recycling roof, in 23 – 24 Budget for expansion
  • Recreation departmental increases
  • Adding to building department, need 2 more assessors based on needs. 
  • 4M budget on county roads planned for 2023
  • Levy assessment is going down, substantially reduced from last year
  • Tri-County Biomass product, forest service is willing to invest in the project
  • Glass recycling conversation, maybe in the future as we build another structure
  • Broadband update, all of the federal funds that are flowing through are being restricted, it is a 70/30 match, so no government agency can do that. 
  • Housing – conversations for developer that may give us access, aggressively going after that funding,
  • Water waste management is almost complete.
  • Firewise community emphasis to see how to broaden that conversation.
  • Speed bumps on gravel roads was a huge conversation.  


Early Childhood Education update from Darcie

  • Homeschool /Kindergarten readiness kits
  • Potential for a representative for the ELAC
  • Economic Summit breakout session has been confirmed
  • Local business involvement in the childcare conversation – emphasis on possible on-site care centers
  • Identified parent advocate Trace Mckellips / Rec Center advocate Nick Teresko
  • SO much more… Please see the attached Bi-Monthly Summary Attached

Grants Report

       ED PRO grant from Idaho Dept. of Commerce

  • Lindsey to present the MOU to the Commissioners at the August 15th meeting.
  • Dylan also sent specific requests to several board members for letters of support.

Shelton Grant

  • September 1st, due date, focus on economic development.  Could be funding multiple projects. 

Payette River Scenic Byway update from Cynda

  • Nothing to update, October 27th next meeting.

Creative District

  • Continue to meet 2/month, 2nd and 4th Monday’s at 1:30
  • A few new members
  • Directory continues to grow, need another promotional push
  • Working on an organizational structure


2022 Economic Summit Update

  • Meeting Thursday 11th at Maupin Homes office at 2pm – brainstorming topics that day 


Strategic Planning Discussion (CAT) 2022 – 23

  • Housing
  • Infrastructure 
  • Transportation
    • VAPP – Early October meeting, regional transportation planning, meets one time per year county and community streets departments, speak about improvements.  EDC will take on this project on a go forward.
    • Focus is from New Meadows to McCall Transit conversations, ultimately to move to Cascade, 2 days/wk at this time and moving to 5 days/wk in the future.
    • Seeking partner companies for support on the Transit
    • LHTAC grant monies supporting middle school walkability.
  • Early Childhood Development 
  • Business Retention & Expansion 
  • Broadband 
  • Communications 


New Business

Kelly Hill at Done Right Management submitted her application to the board. 

  • Vonna moved to approve 
  • Sherry 2nd
  • Motion passed

Tiffany Dobbs

  • Seeking partner companies for support on the Transit Program.
  • Mental Health 1st week of September is the first class – Community resiliency, follow up events scheduled in October.
  • Film provided, hiding in plain sight – and follow up conversations as a community.
  • Seeking community emphasis in reporting.
  • Focus groups on Mental Health.
  • Adams and Valley County mental health resource guide.

Lindsey still needs your Bios and Pictures – Board Members – Belinda, Linnea and Julie

Dylan, Sherry and Vonna & will not be at the meeting in September.


Public Comment

Meeting adjourned 4:27 pm