West Central Mountains Economic Development Council
April 2023 Board Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2023 3:00pm
Zoom Meeting ONLY

In Attendance: Dylan Martin, Vonna Torrey, Sherry Maupin, Cynda Herrick, Kelly Hill, Jill Morris-Chapman, Belinda Provancher, Delta James
Staff: Lindsey Harris, Trace McKellips
Guests: Kim Glineski (Department of Commerce)

Board Meeting Called to Order at 3:07pm

  • Approval of April Agenda ACTION ITEM
    • Motion by Cynda
    • 2nd by Sherry
    • Motion passes
  • Approval of March Minutes ACTION ITEM
    • Motion by Kelly
    • 2nd by Cynda
    • Motion passes
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Approval of Treasurer’s Report ACTION ITEM

Julie unable to attend to give report. Dylan asked for one clarification.

  • Motion by Cynda
  • 2nd by Kelly
  • Motion Passes
  • Letter(s) of support requests NONE
  • 2023 Strategic Plan
    • Board Member Assignments to CATs
  • Community Reports
    • Cascade – No Report
    • Donnelly – Workforce Development communications with MDSD and looking to do the same next year with Cascade School.

Career Tech programming emphasis. $8k will be available to Idaho graduating seniors to put towards some kind of secondary schooling.

  • McCall – Conducting focus groups for vendors. Learn about permitting processes, catering permits, alcohol processes, etc… Scheduled tomorrow at noon. April 19th Parks & Rec open space plan – public workshop scheduled at the community center at 5:30 pm, zoom option as well – mccallpros.com. Some interest in creating a rec facility or aquatic facility. Local option tax numbers are in, tourism tax is up 1.5%, expected to pick up a bit this summer. Verified more than 400 Short Term rentals currently in the city. Roads are in difficult shape, city is trying to communicate about re-construction projects in preparation for summer.
  • New Meadows – No report. Lindsey mentioned that the WCMEDC could put forth some additional effort in this community, since we have been actively working with the others. Put some time towards their community needs and see what we can help with.
  • Valley County – P&Z department is working on ordinance updates and comprehensive plan updates. Waterways management plan is happening. Land use and Budgeting starts. Compensation challenges. Valley Country Career Fair scheduled April 26th. Impact area discussions occurring with all cities in the region.


  • WCMEDC Updates
    • Early Childhood Education (Trace)- Successful rotary presentation, focus on the children. Cascade city council presentation with Lindsey. Met with Darcy and went to the childcare center – met with Shawna Arnold. Met with Eric Pingree at MDSD. Scheduled meeting with St. Luke’s in support of the Early Childcare Center. Next week hosting a meeting for Meadow Valley School District – Other resources available with the school infrastructure. Received information about the symposium in June, Idaho Association for Education is funding 5 people to attend the symposium, financial ask is only for hotel $189/person for 2 nights. Request to fund 2 or 3 hotel accommodations to Belinda and Belinda requested Trace send her an email with that official request. MDSD participant will be looking for a new employee to join the symposium. New round of Workforce development grant funding coming on-line this summer, which can be used for construction for a Child Care Facility, for salaries, etc…
    • Payette River Scenic Byway (Cynda) – Met with a contact in Avimore and Chamber of Commerce at Horseshoe Bend, quite a number of changes will be presented. Looking to schedule a meeting at Tamarack in July



  • Community Development
    • Creative District Update – Nearing the final stretch on creating the strategic plan, continuing to establish the framework for the program and identify the parameters for success. Idaho Commission on the Arts continues to be involved. Plan is for an Artisan Tour in the mountains over Labor Day weekend. Looking to have 30 participants to proceed with that event. Art and Art Supplies swap potential to be scheduled sometime in October.
  • CAT Updates
    • Housing
      • WCM Housing Trust Updates – Updating the bylaws, researching compliance software and property management companies to take over their units. Successfully applied for the IHFA funding for Raven Ridge in Cascade.
      • Regional Housing Assessment Update – Continued efforts to generate financial ask- seeing some hesitancy. Dept. of Commerce to submit a GEM grant for a needs assessment. RFP – Marketing ask can be modified A la Carte, scale back the RFP. Laura R Cunningham Foundation opportunity – May 1, also City of McCall LOT.
    • Infrastructure – Learning and development of strong relationships. Leadership Academy meeting was helpful. Payette Lakes referral, still hoping for a sit-down meeting – more to come. Warm Lake is seeing some water issues – will be forwarded from Belinda
    • Transportation – Transit has been extended to New Meadows. The Green and Blue Lines have increases in usership. City of McCall successfully submitted a grant for the upgrades to transit facility. Focus to extend the transit to the Pumpkin Patch to accommodate the need. Additional conversations from Boise to Tamarack as well
    • Business Retention & Expansion – The culinary school associated with Chef Topple has been submitted. CTE specific interest to speak in support of these programs. CDL emphasis could be a focus – Lindsey to determine legislation funding. Succession planning could also be an area of interest. Kelly has a possible success with the Building Across from Fogglifter that may now be for sale, she will continue to pursue the opportunity. Downtown Master Plan did a gap analysis that may be of interest as well.
    • Broadband – WCM Fiber group – connecting with the leader of Iron Mountain, waiting for the State contracts. Externship is available as well, still no applicants to our knowledge. Looking to get an application submitted for 10M grant for the last mile Community Connect. Kudos to Valley County for their funding towards the broadband expansion efforts.
    • Communications –Lindsey needs to add a couple of the board members to the website. Apologized for that oversight.
    • New Business
    • Public Comment – None.
    • Adjournment at 4:11pm