We recognize housing as one of the most impactful and important community challenges in our region. The last few years, WCMEDC and it’s partners have assembled a significant amount of data and information that is regularly used by housing developers and state and local policy professionals. That information is available THROUGH THIS LINK.

The current missing link we hope to uncover is detailed market information about why we have so many more short term rentals and second homes than almost all other markets in America. We would like to explore whether it might be possible to convert a small percentage of short term rentals and second homes into the long term pool through some creative local incentive programs (like offering property tax vouchers, hotel stays and local amenity vouchers).

IF YOU ARE A SECOND HOME OWNER OR SHORT TERM RENTAL OWNER, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please take the survey below to help us understand the market variables associated with your unit and whether you might be interested in helping us work on this challenge. IF YOU AREN’T A SECOND HOMEOWNER OR SHORT TERM RENTAL OWNER, sorry, this survey is not for you.